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Making out in speedos

Kissing/making out is something that really turns me on, be it with guys or girls.  And kissing in speedos is a major turn on for me, again, be it with guys or girls. Yesterday, the Married Guy told me he’d

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Married Guy Recap

OK, yesterday the Married Guy (aka Tony) came over and just plowed me.  We’ve done this a few times now and the more comfortable the Married Guy is getting, the more fun it is getting.  Right now I’m writing a

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The Married Guys Story

For those of you who are members…. you can click here to read all the details of what happened after Tony (aka the Married Guy) came over to my house a couple of Friday’s ago. Of you are not a

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Breakfast Blowjob

This morning was nothing out of the ordinary, I woke up with my usual erect cock which was straining the front of my ADIDAS speedos. Unlike any other morning, I didn’t wake up in my bed.  Did I have company

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Gay Aussie Couple

I’m posting a little later than normal today, it is a gorgeous Sunday afternoon here in Colorado and unfortunately for me (although fortunately for you guys) I have been sitting here working since 9am). What I have been working on

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