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Speedo Photo of the Day

The ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ was something I added to my site SpeedoFetish.com a few years ago when I did a major redesign and I love it. The initial page ended up with 1,200 photos, each of them hand

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Wank Bank

There are just some speedo photos that take my breath away…. This is one that I found last week and I think it is super hot!!!  I think it could be because I own both of those speedos…. I wrote

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Speedo Photo of the Day

Today is the 1,100th Speedo Photo of the Day!!! As usual for these kind of milestones, I have picked a particularly hot photo for you guys. The Speedo Photo of the Day is part of my site SwimmerBoyz.com that I

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Speedos vs Dork Shorts

I hope you guys can imagine just how many speedo photos I have gathered over the years.  Photo shoots but also lots of speedo photos around the web. In SwimmerBoyz.com there is a 6,500 photo gallery which is sorted which

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Crazy Busy Week

I can’t believe how crazy busy this week has been. I’ve been working with Kip on a project that he has been working on for a while and it has been a 60 or 70 hour week at least.  Kip’s

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