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Too Big for my Speedos

Bit of a grey old day here in London so I’m kinda just working. I’m spending a couple of days with some friends and sleeping on the couch.  Great times and lots of laughs. This morning they got up early

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Too Busy to Leave

I was planning on heading back to Australia today (Monday here in Colorado) but Kip and I just have too much work to do which is pretty evident from the look of the blog right now. Thankfully my host, Kip,

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Monster Cock

I’ve read about “Size Queens” (guys or girls whom cock size is important) but I’ve never met anyone who has given me that impression and I’m not one myself. This thing pictured below is just a monster!!!  How does he

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Too Big for your Speedos

Does this ever happen to you guys? Busy day here and I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of the office.  I’m working on a new Movie of the Week for you guys….. as usual it will be

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My Speedos Right Now

This is what the front of my ADIDAS speedos look like right now….

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