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I tried Double Penetration last night

Last night I went over to Alex and Adam’s to try double penetration. To be honest, I had only ever thought of DP in the context of being part of a threesome where the girl is fucked in the arse

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My First Orgy/Sex Party

I think I should tell you guys what happened on Wednesday night – if you missed my invitation click here to read the blog post from earlier in the week. My preparation was pretty good, I pretty much lived with

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Dave, can we tie you up?

I caught up with Alex and his boyfriend a couple of weekends ago for a Sunday barbie and the three of us speedo’d it up but everyone had to work on Monday so nothing naughty happened.  It was pretty cool

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Sunday Barbie

Today (actually it was last week and I wrote about it but forgot to hit PUBLISH), I caught up with Alex and his boyfriend (for those new here, Alex was a str8 guy that I converted over a couple of

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Alex has been tied up before

Obviously, I am excited about my threesome with Alex and his boyfriend on Wednesday night.  There is something to be said about anticipation….. It did get me thinking, I’ve tied up Alex before and after looking through the stories archive

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