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Hot Asian Guys

Yesterday I posted some speedo anime, today I’m going to post some speedo selfies of some hot asian guys… real guys, not cartoons. I think Asian guys look amazing in speedos.  My favourite pair of speedos right now are the

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Weird Asian Speedo Porn

I’ve only ever had the opportunity to fuck an Asian guy once (click here to read about it).  It is a shame because I think asian guys are pretty hot in general and some of the speedo photos we’ve all

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Guess who got their asian wings

This is something I wrote about a while ago but I thought I’d share it with you guys again, particularly the new blog members….. Guess who go their asian wings last night? His name starts with Dave and ends with

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Asian Wings

Somehow it came up in conversation that Kip hasn’t got his ‘Asian Wings’ (that is – he has never had sex with an asian guy). I admit it took me a while to get my ‘asian wings’ but I loved

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My 2nd Taste of the Orient

Asian Guy in Speedos

Last nights Grindr mission turned out fantastic.  Kip and I started talking to two guy were were on vacation and staying just around the corner.  Turns out that the two guys have been talking to each other about catching up

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