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Locker Room Fun

I have had some fun times in the locker room/change rooms at different pools over the years. You can read about those times if you like: Caught with my cock in my hand Being ‘interrupted’ by Kieran I also have

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Alex’s Pre Date Blowjob

This morning Alex’s texted me seeing if I wanted to go for a swim around lunch time.  I was thinking of going for a short drive, walk along the beach, swim and grab some groceries on the way home but

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You guys know that I use the mobile app Grindr a bunch and it has treated me pretty well.  Saying that, I’m not a complete floozy, I usually talk to guys on the phone and meet them publicly, fingers crossed

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Birdie Beach Orgy Cancelled

Today I was planning on a trip up to Birdie Beach for a bit of a speedo orgy. Alex was in, and I had two guys I’ve been talking to from Grindr who were keen as well but it kind

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Alex’s Arse

I got a swim today with Alex and we both were in a bit of a rush with stuff to get done this afternoon (Alex comes swimming on his lunch break from work – his office is just about in

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