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Asian Speedo Wrestling

Asian porn can be weird right? I’ve looked at purchasing lots of movie content for the SpeedoFetish.com archives which look amazing but then there is an attempt to censor any cock or even uncovered butt.  It is a shame because

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Holy Batman, Robin is Tied Up

What would you do if you had Robin all tied up? This reminds me of the experience I wrote about a month or so ago about being tied up for Alex. Click here to read about what really happened. Click

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Alex wants to be tied up…. again

Yesterday was a classic Aussie Sunday at the beach.  After the morning surf, I did some work and then about lunch time some mates came around and we hung out on the beach kicking a footy around then started up

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Soggy Sao

Finally the weekend is here – whoohooo!!! Anyone have anything awesome planned?  Nothing much here, I got back from a surf with the boys, water is cool enough to wear a wet suit but the day is supposed to be

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Twins… hot or weird?

What do you guys think about twins? Who doesn’t have a fantasy of fucking 2 brothers, 2 sisters and then the ultimate of fucking twins.  BUT, what about porn that has twins in it? A year or more ago one

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