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Holy Batman, Robin is Tied Up

What would you do if you had Robin all tied up? This reminds me of the experience I wrote about a month or so ago about being tied up for Alex. Click here to read about what really happened. Click

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Alex wants to be tied up…. again

Yesterday was a classic Aussie Sunday at the beach.  After the morning surf, I did some work and then about lunch time some mates came around and we hung out on the beach kicking a footy around then started up

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Soggy Sao

Finally the weekend is here – whoohooo!!! Anyone have anything awesome planned?  Nothing much here, I got back from a surf with the boys, water is cool enough to wear a wet suit but the day is supposed to be

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Twins… hot or weird?

What do you guys think about twins? Who doesn’t have a fantasy of fucking 2 brothers, 2 sisters and then the ultimate of fucking twins.  BUT, what about porn that has twins in it? A year or more ago one

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Speedo Anime

Speedo Hentai

I found these speedo anime pics the other day and I thought I’d share them with you guys and hear what you think about anime.  Here is a definition of anime from Wikipedia: Anime (Japanese: ???, Hepburn: Anime?, [a.ni.me] ( listen);

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