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Speedo Tanning

This is how I want to spend my day…. topping up my speedo tan.  Will the London weather co-operate? I didn’t go to the pool this morning, I assumed it would be too busy.  I was surprised yesterday that the

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Body Changes

The beach was just gorgeous yesterday!!! Once I started walking south from the carpark I didn’t see another human being for 2 hours.  Nice work on my speedo tan and I got some paperwork done. I noticed this morning that

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No Tan Lines

My speedo tan is taking shape and last week I posted a photo of an amazing frontal g-string tan. Today I’m a touch hungover, nothing a swim in the surf won’t help so I thought I’d post some pics of

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My Speedo Tan

I can’t believe it has only been 6 weeks since I got back but I am enjoying and trying to make the most of being outside and enjoying the sunshine. My speedo tan is really taking shape and Tim commented

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Speedo Tan

I noticed this morning that my speedo tan is starting to take shape!!! Probably more from lap swimming in an outdoor pool than necessarily sunbaking but it is pretty awesome considering I had ZERO speedo tan at the beginning of

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