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Watching a Beach Blowjob

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This morning (Friday) was a gorgeous day, one of the classic Australian East Coast winter days.  About 20C, no wind and not a cloud in the sky.

After doing some work I decided to head up to Birdie Beach (nude beach about half an hour north of my place).  I’d touch up my speedo tan and do some paperwork.  When I go up to Birdie Beach I usually park in the normal carpark just to see what is going on since that is the main nudist area.  But then I walk south of the point far enough that I have some privacy.  That is what I did.

Once I got 100m or so south of the carpark I decided to strip down to my speedos which were a pair of white AussieBum Coolabah’s like the ones pictured here.

These speedos are really hot, the fit snug and low on my hips.  They are super see through when we though but are a bright white when they are dry.

White AussieBum Speedos
I put my shorts and t-shirt in my backpack which had my laptop in it and kept walking down the beach.  There wasn’t another soul to be seen looking south.

Usually I walk half to a kilometer down the beach, nobody would be concerned by my see through speedos.  However, there are a couple of cutting through the bush from the road down to the beach and within a couple of minutes of me stripping down to my white speedos, I saw a couple walk down one of these paths to the beach in the distance.

They were a fair way off but there was nobody else about at all.  Looked like they put down some towels and they started walking in my direction and here I was wearing nothing but my white speedos and a back pack.  But I had no where to go. Over the next few minutes the distance between us closed.  I’m going to guess they were in their early 30’s, both pretty hot.  She was wearing a black bikini and he was just wearing a pair of dork shorts and no shirt.

After what felt like an eternity we crossed paths… we all said g’day but I could tell they were smirking to themselves but I thought I saw a glint in the girls eye.

I walked on little further, actually I walked maybe 100m past where they had come down to the beach and I saw their towels.  100m was a good distance, not too close but within sights I suppose.

I jumped in the water which is cool this time of year but not too cold (I think it is officially 18C).  Then I came back, lied on my stomach, opened my laptop and started working.

A while later (maybe 45 minutes) I could see the couple walking back.  I hadn’t seen another person the entire time.  As they got in line with their towels they both went for a swim.  The ocean was dead calm and up to their chests in water the couple started making out.  I could see them and I’m sure they could see me.  It was pretty hot but things were about to get even hotter.

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May 29th, 2020

Blue AussieBums

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What do you guys have planned for the weekend?  There are a couple of rugby games on (the Rugby World Cup starts today in England).  Unfortunately, it looks like the times are horrible – the first game worth watching is England v Fiji and it starts at 5am.  Looks like most of the games are horrible early morning hours which sucks.  I might just watch replays the day after.

After posting last week about my foursome on the beach, with all four of us wearing AussieBum’s there has been a bit of activity of guys telling me about and sharing their AussieBum pics and stories.

Here is a photo that was sent to me by one of the new forum members (  That AussieBum is just made for his perfect body!!!

Blue AussieBums

And here are some pics of AussieBums with the logo on the front.  Right now I have 2 pairs of Portsea’s, one with no logo which I wear often and even wear to the pool.  Here is a pic of my 2 pairs of Portseas, a pair of classic blue (which are a little small but I like wearing them when swimming laps) and my Coolabah’s which are super super see through.  Sorry for the crappy photo.  The Portsea’s with the logo on the front was a gift a few years back from a guy who worked at AussieBum, I’m not sure if he had them custom made but it is pretty cool.

My AussieBum Swimwear

If you want to see some more hotties in their AussieBums I made up a promotional gallery – click here or

Blue AussieBumsBlue AussieBums

September 18th, 2015

White Speedos

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I’m always the last one to know about public holidays here in America – obviously I didn’t grow up with them.  I found out last week that this is a long weekend which sucks – because there will be a bunch of city folks up here in the mountains – hahaha.

On a positive note it should mean there will be some city pretty girls out on the town tonight and Kip and I have been relatively well behaved the last week or so.

Tonight I’m going to sport my white AussieBum Coolabah’s (bottom photo) and see if I can give anyone a pleasant surprise when they take off my jeans.

White Speedo Swimmer Speedo is too bigWhite AussieBumAussieBum CoolabahWhite AussieBum Coolabah

August 31st, 2013

Enjoying the sunshine

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My first couple of days back in Australia were grey and crappy but the last 3 days have been spectacular!!!

Today is just the same.

I got my arse out of bed early and walk down to town along the beach, grabbed a coffee and a bacon roll for breakfast.  Walked on back here, went for a swim (in my black ADIDAS speedos of course) and the water was cool but bearable in the early morning sun and no wind.

Since then, I’ve been sitting on the back deck just working and wearing nothing but my speedos of course.  This is what life is all about guys!!!

Yesterday I got out for a walk and headed north towards Crackneck Point – I had a quick look on google earth and it is another track that I’ve never been on before.  Was a beautiful walk on these high cliffs above the ocean – I didn’t end up going for a swim on the way because the beaches were too rocky but I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

Nothing naughty to report unfortunately guys – tonight I’m sure there will be some partying at the Pub so keep your fingers crossed for me.

July 26th, 2012

White AussieBum Swimwear

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Sunday morning here and I had a nice long sleep in. I feel great and I’m having a BBQ at my place this afternoon for a friend who is leaving town on Tuesday.

I was wondering what I should post today and since I’m wearing my white AussieBum Coolabah’s I thought I’d check out the searching function of this new blog system. I found a story I wrote back in March and there were a bunch of comments so I thought I would repost it…. Enjoy.

On Friday I mentioned that I was meeting up with a reader of this blog – sorry it has taken me this long to give you guys all the juicy details.

I’ll call him ‘Justin’ (not his real name – he asked me not to publish it), he is 32yo and lives in Vancouver.

Will and I met him at the local pub for a beer and he was there waiting for us. I was feeling pretty comfortable but Will was a little nervous. I suppose that was because I had been talking to Justin online a bit.

The three of us had a couple of beers and the conversation flowed pretty well. I was careful to make sure Will was feeling comfortable and after a couple of hrs and a beer or 6 we were just like old mates.

Justin was HOT!!!

AussieBum Swimwear

It was getting later so I was the first to bring up the ‘hottub’ issue. Hehehe.

“Why don’t we move this conversation to the hottub guys?”

Justin’s condo wasn’t far and Will and I were prepared…. I was wearing my new white arena speedos and Will was wearing a pair of black aussiebums. Justin did ask if we needed to get changed but Will told him that we were appropriately dressed.

That was when Justin told us that he was appropriately dressed as well. On the short walk to his place we discussed what speedos we were wearing – Justin had read on this blog how much I love my AussieBum Coolabah’s so he was wearing them. He had just bought them after he knew he was coming up to visit and they arrived the day before he left – good timing.

Back at Justin’s condo, Will and I stripped down in the lounge room pretty much as soon as we arrived. Justin did the same. Three guys, all wearing speedos standing around – HOT!!!!

By now Will was feeling comfortable with Justin which was great. We made a couple of drinks and went out on the deck to the hottub.

Justin was talking about how hot it is that Will and I play around and love speedos. Then he asked us if we minded getting it on while he watched.

Will and I agreed… as long as we involved him at a later date.

To start things off Will and I started kissing. We are both rock hard by now but we are sitting down in the water so I thought by standing up we’d give Justin a better show.
I think he had a great show!!! Will and I were so horny that as we kissed we were thrusting our cocks against each other – another couple of minutes and I know that I would have cum. But Will had another idea…..

AussieBum Sex

Will broke off our kiss and pushed me back on the edge of the hottub. He worked down my neck and down my chest, licking and kissing me as he went. At the waist band of my white arenas, Will started licking my cock through my speedos. His hand was between my legs playing with my balls and I couldn’t stand it any more. I tried to undo the drawstring but I was taking too long for Will, he told me to stop and pulled my cock out the leg of my speedo.

All the while Justin is sitting next to us (side on) getting an amazing show!!!

As I got really really close (I had been trying to hold back) I asked Justin if he wanted to finish me off.

Will was more than happy and stepped aside as Justin got between my legs and started sucking. This guy can suck cock!!! Will is a great cock sucked but I think Justin has had a little more experience.

Again, I was trying to hold back. I wanted to keep Will involved and I asked Justin if he minded if Will fucked his arse (Justin and I had discussed this online talking about how great it is to be the double-adapter). Without removing his mouth from my cock Justin made a mumbling sound which indicated his approval.

Always being prepared, Justin had brought out some rubbers and some lube. While I continued to be sucked Will reached around Justin’s body and undid his Aussiebums. From my position I watched as Will pulled Justin’s speedos down, pulled his own cock out the leg of his speedos and put his cock at the opening of Justin’s arse.

Even without thrusting, Justin was beginning to moan in anticipation.

I was moaning as well but I was trying desperatly to hold back. Then Will entered Justin. It was too much for Justin to keep sucking and he broke off sucking my cock and buried his head in my stomach. His hand was still on my cock.

Thankfully Justin didn’t take long to compose himself. As Will got into a rhythm Justin returned to my cock. His cock sucking skills definitely suffered from Will slamming his arse… but I’m sure I can forgive him for that. Now I am moaning and I’m not stopping. Within 30 seconds of Justin returning to my cock I warning him that I was about to cum – Justin did nod and I started unloading his mouth.

Justin took all of my cum. Finally when my cock stopped pulsating Justin managed to tuck me back into my white speedos.

 White AussieBum Swimwear

I slid back into the water (I didn’t realise how cold I was) and I started kissing Justin. His mind was definitely on Will who was getting close himself.

I reached under Justin and started stroking his cock under the water.

Then Will came – he didn’t give much warning but I could tell that he was loving it!!!

Time for Justin to cum and I had an idea. Once Will had removed his cock from Justin’s arse I told Justin to stand up and lean back on Will. Will was not sitting on the edge of the hottub and Justin was lying on him – I went to work on Justin’s cock.

I broke off my blowjob to stand up and kiss Justin. To do that though he had to break off his kiss with Will. Wow this was hot.

I returned to Justin’s cock and he unloaded his cum in my mouth a short while later.

Will and I came again later that night and the next day we had a similar session with Justin and he got to fuck my arse.

I love this blog!!!! Anyone else want to drop by?

October 19th, 2008
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