Speedo Car Wash

Today I’ve been working on a new movie that will be published on my site SpeedoFetish.com.

I features two speedo clad men washing a car and then they end up fucking and sucking right there with the hose still running.  Sometimes this part of my job is ‘hard’.  So hard that I think I’m going to grab my fleshjack and watch it a little more closely.

I’ve heard of bikini car washes, why haven’t I heard of a speedo car wash?

Red Speedo Carwash

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Smartphone Sex Survey

Someone sent me through an article quoting some phone sex figures.

Click here for the original article to check it out for yourself.  I personally take it with a grain of salt, actually any survey involving sex I take with a pinch of salt because I wonder who is answering the survey and I’m sure depending on how they are being asked, as to how they are answering.

Anyway, enough of me being anal, here are the interesting figures they reported:

  • Half of couples have sent naughty pics to each other (guilty)
  • 27% answered the phone while having sex (guilty)
  • 18% made a call while having sex (I haven’t done that)
  • 2/3 said having an affair was easier because of smart phones (I would agree because hookups are easier)

Do you agree or disagree with these figures?

Home Made Speedo Porn

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My Go-To Threesome Position

This is my favourite threesome position.

My first threesome (click here to read about that) didn’t involve this position, it was a few years later I think when I tried this but now it is my go-to threesome position.

I did once hook up with a couple from some online/mobile app.  They were both pretty nervous and the guy was ‘straight’.  I was on my back with the girlfriend 69’ing me while the guy fucked her.  I intentionally didn’t touch his balls but they might have brushed against my forehead as I was eating her out.

All of a sudden, the guy freaked out, got up and left.

I was horny as hell, the chick seemed to be in to me but she said she better go…

I suppose I love sharing my hot threesome experiences, not all of them go off without a hitch.

Best Threesome Position

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What is it about speedos?

Speedos have been a big part of my sex life. Growing up I would get an erection when I put a pair of speedos on and felt the lycra against my cock.  My first gay sexual experiences involved speedos as well.

Here are some guys who are having trouble keeping their erect cocks inside the lycra of their speedos.

I thought you guys might want to get a closer look at what is inside those speedos.  Enjoy the speedo cock!!!

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Nice Thongs Guys!!!

Happy Thong Thursday everybody!!!

I’m wearing my black thong today to keep in the spirit (I don’t know how much spirit is involved but I like using Thursday’s as an excuse to wear my thong.

I still need to order a new thong, I’d like a lycra one with a drawstring so I could actually wear it in the ocean swimming.  Any suggestions?  Looks like the ‘Speedo’ brand one is no longer made.

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