Speedos are better

How was everyone’s weekend?

Pretty quiet one here, early morning yesterday with the dawn service and last night was a late one talking to some mates in London.  What did we ever do before the internet?  I really feel like I know is going on with some London friends of mine which is great.

Back to the eye candy……

This guy is smoking hot, he looks good in those white dork shorts but doesn’t he just look SMASHING BABY in his speedos?

There is a chance I’ll be back in the US in a few weeks, I’ve been asked to advise on a mainstream (not porn) project.  Sounds really interesting.  It is on the east coast and I’ve never been out there.  Won’t be until late May at the earliest but I’ll keep you guys posted.  Would love to catch up with some fans out that way.

White Board ShortsGreen SpeedosBeach Volleyball in SpeedosSurfing in Speedos


Just got back from a post ANZAC Day Dawn Service surf.  It was great to see all those people out early on a Saturday.

One of my buddies called me last night so there was a few of the local crew there and then we walked back down the beach to my place and grabbed the surf boards.

For those international readers, ANZAC Day is our memorial day to fallen soldiers from all the wars Aussie has been involved in.  The ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  The day, April 25th, marks the day that Australian and New Zealand troops landed on Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915.  It was the first combat that Australian and New Zealand troops had encountered.  The Gallipoli campaign was a military defeat (it was Winston Churchill’s idea. his position at the time was First Lord of the Admiralty, the political head of the British Navy).

So at dawn on the April 25th, there are services honouring fallen ANZAC’s.

Some pics of my beach at dawn, I didn’t take these pics, it was a bit grey this morning but you get the idea.

Dawn on Terrigal BeachDawn Service TerrigalTerrigal Dawn

Do you like these models better?

I agreed with your comments on yesterday’s post, that guy just didn’t do it for me either even though I love the red speedos.

How about these guys?  Do you like them more?  I love that they are both smiling.

I’m feeling much better today and I think I have this cold pretty much licked.  My nose isn’t blocked for the first time in 4 days which is probably why I slept better last night.  I feel like this week I’ve been a complete hermit so tonight I’m going to at least go down to the pub for a drink just to get out of the house.

Hope you guys like these speedo models a little more.

Tomorrow I’ll have some new speedo movies for you guys to enjoy.

Square Cut SwimwearMale Squarecut SwimwearSucking CockGuys Sucking Cock

Red Speedo Photo Shoot

I’m not sure how I feel about this model, he looks kind of surly but I like his body and his red speedos.

I looked up that brand, which I can’t think what it is called right now off the top of my head, and I couldn’t believe how expensive those speedos are.  Just a bit of red speedo eye candy for you guys for the day.

Another grey old day here, I’m feeling a little better though.  It does feel like the weather has been permanently crap ever since I got back from seeing Kip in Breckenridge.

Red Speedo ModelGreat Butt in Red SpeedoButt in Red SpeedosGay Speedo Models Cock

Quiet Grey old Day

It is a grey old morning here in Terrigal and I’m feeling a bit grey as well.  Just some niggly cough that has prevented me having a good nights sleep for a few days.

I don’t feel like getting stuck into too much work but I am slowly getting some stuff done today:

  • I’ve got 3 new movies which Kip formatted last night which I’ll put on SwimmerBoyz.com, I will post some screen shots of those for you guys tomorrow.
  • I changed the header image – what do you guys think?  The old one, pictured below, was a little hardcore for my taste, not that the current one isn’t hardcore but it is a little less ‘cock in your face’.
  • I’ve created a new FaceBook page.  Facebook has been a real pain in the arse to work with although they have accepted my advertising dollars.  Last time they shut my profile down because I was getting too many friend request.  This is my last try with them – click here to like my new FaceBook page.
  • The Evil Speedo Corporation keeps hassling me, I really hope they ‘sue’ me again.  The last time they did it was back in 2011 and it made the papers in Sydney and in London.  It was the best advertising I have ever received and a phenomenal number of people joined SwimmerBoyz.com out of support for the ‘little guy’.The only result from that law suit was me making more money, them spending a lot of money on lawyer and I lost a couple of .com domain names.  Funny thing is, today SwimmerBoyz.com is more successful and twice as many people read AussieSpeedoGuy.org.

    If they were serious they could just email me and we could sit down and figure out what would be acceptable to them and what I could work with.  But alas – the iconic Australian brand is owned by some faceless corporation in the Netherlands and they are happy to waste money on lawyers.

  • Speaking of ‘grey’ maybe this afternoon I should watch that 50 Shades of Grey – I started reading the book and got about 1/3 the way through it.  What did you guys think about it?

OK, I’m back to finish getting those new movies online.  Let me know what you think about the new header image guys.

Cock Ring with White Speedo Swimsuit

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