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Long Day of Drinking

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  • October 3, 2015

Half time in the rugby, England vs Australia, weird being up at 6am drinking a beer and watching rugby.  Tonight is our local rugby league final so it is going to be a LOOOONG day.

Incase some of you aren’t interested in the rugby…. here is a hot tub threesome movie for you to enjoy.

Hottub Threesome


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  • September 30, 2015

The quickie is this post, unfortunately it isn’t me getting a quickie although I could do with it.

A quick post before I duck out for a round of golf with some of the boys.  We are heading north west to some course that Greg Norman is affiliated with, I can’t remember the name of it and I’m sure there will be more focus on drinking than the golf.

I am really horny today so I think I’ll text Alex before I leave and see if we can catch up for a quickie tonight or tomorrow somehow, even if it is just a swim tomorrow.

Swim Athletes

And it is photos like this one below which don’t help with the strain in the front of my speedo…..  looking at that, I think I might have to rub one out before golf….  See you guys later.

Swimmers Body

Speedo Housemate

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  • September 29, 2015

When I hang out with Kip in Colorado, or when he is here in Aussie like he was last summer, it is amazing having sex on tap like that.  We really do fuck each other constantly which is fantastic!!!

Don’t worry, I have some dry spells too so I have to take it (and give it) when I can get it.

This here is a new movie from my site which I thought you guys might like to see a sample of.  The movie is about a guy who wakes up horny, starts jerking off but then has a better idea….. he puts on his speedos, goes out to the kitchen, and fucks his housemate.

Housemate in Speedos

Square cuts first…. then speedos

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  • September 28, 2015

You guys know that I consider myself bisexual, I like girls just as much as I like guys.  Guys do seem to be ‘easier’ to get down to their speedos and in bed so I have more ‘gay’ experiences.

My sites; this blog,, and the are more targeted towards gay guys.  Over the years it has surprised me how many str8 and married guys reach out to me saying that they love speedos too.  I think it is awesome and I’m sure more str8 guys would be speedo friendly if it was more accepted.

I’ve been posting on this week some stories from married guys and how they introduced their wives to their speedo fetish – it is fun reading for sure.

One idea that I’ve had is that maybe we should start with guys wearing more square cuts and use that as a stepping stone to more guys wearing speedos? What do you guys think?

Hot Beach Couple

Daniel Craig in a pair of square cuts which I’m sure increase their acceptability.

Daniel Craig SpeedoDaniel Craig Skimpy SwimsuitDaniel Craig Square Cut Swimsuit

Alex’s First Blowjob

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  • September 26, 2015

As promised, here is what I wrote about Alex’s first ever blowjob.

I can say that he has gotten better since, but the first time was pretty amazing – gotta love breaking in those str8 boys!!!

Alex was still sitting down on the other side of the breakfast bar so I couldn’t see if his cock was rock hard but he couldn’t definitely see mine and there was no doubt that I was excited about where this conversation was going. I suggested to Alex that we start at the top of his list and get him sucking some cock. Alex said it sounded like a good idea and stood up from behind the breakfast bar and it became aparent that he was just as excited as I was.

“Sit on the couch Dave and let me suck my first cock.”

“Do you like honey Alex?”

“Yeah why?”

This is a little technique I’ve used with guys and girls who aren’t as enthusiastic about sucking cock as I am….. I went to the cupboard, grabbed the honey and turned to face Alex. I pulled the front of my ADIDAS speedo out and poured honey down the front of my speedo.

Then I moved towards the couch………

The rest of this is for members only guys.  It is only $5 to join and your contribution helps me keep writing about Alex and my other speedo experiences.

I really appreciate your support.