Two American Guys Wearing Speedos

I know some of you guys don’t like my posts when they aren’t 100% gay, I know I should keep those posts to my bisexual blog – – but I thought some of that stuff was pretty hot.

Today I will get back to the gay stuff.

Kip and I were up early this morning and went for a morning snowboard, I then swung by the pool for some laps and you guys wouldn’t believe it… there wasn’t just one other guy in speedos but


I couldn’t believe it.  One guy was early 40’s, slim but looked great in his black speedo brand speedos. The second guy who I only noticed when I got out of the pool was maybe late 20’s and looked like a mountain man from what I could see.  Tall, big arms, light beard/facial hair.  I couldn’t see what speedo he was wearing but it was red on the bum and he was doing perfect tumble turns so he must have done some swimming in his past.  Unfortunately I was beat after swimming a mile and a half (108 length of the pool) and he had just gotten in so I couldn’t really loiter in the change rooms for that long without looking like a weirdo.  Tomorrow I will try and time it so I am there at the same time.

Or…. if that guy happens to be reading this blog, please drop me a line and say g’day.

Those are the first speedos I’ve seen in public since I arrived here in the USA.  When was the last time you saw speedos in public?

Real Speedo Man in SpeedosSpeedos on the Yacht

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More Blowjob Stuff

I’ve had some sensational blowjobs from guys and girls.  I don’t think one or the other is generally better or worse, I think a good blowjob is 90% enthusiasm….

There are a few blowjobs that stick in my mind,

  • Last week when Jeff sucked me off in the hottub while his girlfriend was sound asleep maybe 20m away.  That was pretty hot and has stuck in my mind (click here to read more about that).
  • Years ago I had this fuck buddy (girl) that I didn’t write about on here. I remember one day she came over and jumped in the shower.  When she came out I was sitting on the couch wearing a pair of red Arena speedos and I was rubbing my erection through the lycra material.  She came over and sucked me off to completion.  Looking down at her sucking my cock with my speedos still on was hot and something I still jerk off thinking about today.

With that memory in mind, I think you can understand why I love this movie.  Some girls like guys in speedos.  Full version is available on my site

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Girls Who Like Speedos

In the spirit of promoting guys to wear speedos, I love sharing photos of girls who are hanging out with speedo guys.

Today I was going through a bunch of these photos and it is becoming quite a library of pics (nearly 200).  I’ve just finished compiling the archive which is now available to members.

If you are interested, membership is only $5.  I created the members area to share some more private details of my adventures which I don’t want to be 100% public.  And I publish all of my selfies in there as well.  Click here to become a member.

This first photo is of me…. I’m the one in the speedo.

Girl Rubbing Speedo Cock

Here just a sampling (10%) of the new archive.

Speedo Couples

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Everyone Loves Blowjobs

The last few days you guys have been reading about Jeff and his blowjob experiences when he was in college and with me last Friday night in the hottub.

Time for some visual blowjob porn I think.

This is a page that I made up for some promotional stuff for my site – as usual it is a free movie and some of my favourite blowjob photos.  There are no popups or crap like that, instead of trying to make half a cent per click on an ad which annoys everyone (including me because this is where I watch all of my porn), I rely on people loving the site and joining.

If you like it, consider joining.  If you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Gay Blowjobs

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Learning to Suck Cock

Hi everyone, my name is Jeff.  I’m 28yo, consider myself straight (I’ve been dating my girlfriend Stephanie for over a year). I live in Boulder, Colorado and I’m an Engineer.

Last Friday night, I sucked cock for the first time in a decade.

Stephanie and I were spending the night in Breckenridge at a friends house and we met Dave who was also staying at my friends.  After a few drinks in the hottub, Stephanie went to bed and I ended up blowing Dave.  Dave wrote about this on his blog and his account of what happened is accurate.  What got this experience started was when I told Dave how I hadn’t suck cock since I was a freshman in college.  Dave asked me to share my story with you guys, this is how I learned to suck cock….

I grew up swimming, I’m not sure how or why it happened since neither of my parents were big swimmers and Boulder, Colorado is a long way from any ocean.  Swimming was my sport in high school and I was pretty good at it.  When it came time to choosing a college I had a couple of offers of partial scholarships but I was not that good a swimmer and the colleges I wanted to attend weren’t interested.

So, I chose the engineering program at DU.  I thought I’d try walking on the swim team but I knew my swimming career was coming to an end which might happen anyway considering what I’d heard about the workload involved in an engineering degree.

My freshman year I signed up for the swim team and went along to training.  I had been swimming with high school kids, the guys in this swimming team were men.  Fully grown men.  It was intimidating being around the older guys in the pool, in the gym and in the showers.  At high school I was the big dog on the swim team, here, the big dog was a guy called Billy.  He was loud, arrogant, six foot tall, broader shoulders than most swimmers, absolutely ripped, not an ounce of fat on him and did I mention how arrogant he was?  Billy gave every one a hard time and nobody argued with him.  He wasn’t that mean, just over the top and definitely the alpha male.  Like most swimmers, he was shaved smooth, all over.  Might have been my first day in the showers and Billy was strutting about naked like a peacock with his cock out for the entire team to see.

During my first week on the team I was the last to leave the locker rooms and I noticed Billy’s red speedo hanging over one of the shower heads.  As usual he had taken it off as soon as he could but he had forgotten it.  I grabbed it and put it in my swimming bag.

Now, as to my sexuality….. I was a virgin when I started college.  I considered myself straight but I had occasionally jerked off thinking about guys.  One guy in particular who was a year behind me in high school and who was also on the swim team.  I think we were sitting around at training one day with the coach talking too much when I caught myself checking this guy out and I had a boner.  Lets just say it was tricky to hide that wearing only a pair of black speedos.

I went home and jerked off multiple times thinking of this guy.  Other than that, I mostly masturbated thinking about girls so I didn’t think too much of it and I didn’t think I was gay.  I was just really horny like most people in high school.

So, when I got home after grabbing Billy’s speedos, I put them on and jerked off thinking about Billy.  Not the first time I’ve jerked off thinking about a guy, but not my normal thing.

A week or so goes by and I kind of forget about Billy’s red speedos.  Then one evening pool session I am getting ready and I discover the only swimwear I have in my bag are Billy’s.  I had taken my clothes home over the weekend to wash and I had kept Billy’s speedo separate and that is why they were the only ones in my bag.  Maybe he wouldn’t notice.

He did.

Billy made a couple of comments during practice about what I was wearing.  Nothing too obvious that anyone else would know what he was talking about but I did.

As practice started to wind down I was eager to get out of there quick but Billy set it up so that he and the coach were working with me on my tumble turns at the end of practice and as a result, the rest of the team were gone when Billy and I entered the locker rooms.  I wasn’t going to shower, I just wanted to get out of there but that wasn’t going to happen.

Billy ordered me into the showers.  I think he said “Get in the showers or I’ll kick your arse.”

Once we were in the showers he grabbed me by the throat and pushed me back against the wall.  Usual tough talk giving asking me what I was thinking stealing his speedo.  I didn’t think he would hurt me too much so I just went with it and figured it would be over soon.

Then told me to take his speedo (the one I was wearing) off and give it to him.  It was a little difficult with his hand on my throat pushing me against the wall but I managed.  Now I was completely naked.

“Now you can put my speedos on me.”

“OK” I replied.  Thinking this little humiliation will be over soon enough.

Billy stood back and I moved my right hand towards the white drawstring on the front of his swimming brief.

“No, do it with your mouth.”


“Yeah, really.”

This wasn’t the scenario I had pictured when I jerked off thinking about Billy a week ago but that was the first moment when I thought this was even slightly sexual.

Billy released his grip around my throat and I got down on one knee and started to move my mouth towards the drawstring of his speedo.  His stomach is so incredibly flat and smooth and I’ve already mentioned that he shaved his pubic area so there wasn’t a blemish.

The drawstring of his speedo was double knotted, it was going to take some work.

I leaned in towards the drawstring and tried biting it to free the knot.  I wasn’t trying but I couldn’t help my chin brushing against Billy’s lycra constrained cock.  Just being that close to a man’s cock was thrilling and I felt a little bit light headed.

Both our cocks began to stir…. I noticed my cock starting to get hard first.  Remember, I was completely naked after Billy demanded that I take his speedos off me.  With my head in front of his waist he wouldn’t see my growing erection but that couldn’t last for ever.  I noticed Billy’s cock getting hard when at one point my chin was resting on his cock while I was still trying to untie the drawstring and it convulsed.

When his cock convulsed it did surprise me and I flinched back.

Billy looked down at me and saw my now pretty hard cock between my legs.  “So you are enjoying being close to my cock hey Jeff my boy.”

With that Billy undid the drawstring that I had been having so much trouble with, pulled down the front of his speedo and released his fat sausage of man meat right in front of my face.

“Suck it…”

I had never imagined sucking cock.  My masturbation fantasies had not involved me sucking cock at all.

I didn’t have to do it.  Billy was loud and obnoxious but I think if I had said no or got up and ran out of the showers he would have let me go but in that instant, I wanted to put his cock in my mouth.

I opened my mouth and moved my head towards Billy’s mostly-hard cock.  I extended my tongue and that was the first thing to touch the purple head of his cock.  It convulsed and came to rest on the top of my tongue.  Thinking back to it, it was all a blur and I still can’t believe I did this.  Then my lips were wrapped around the head of his cock.

Having never even received a blowjob, let alone given one, I was just exploring and absorbing all the new sensations.  I just had the head of Billy’s cock in my mouth and I was moving my tongue all over it feeling the strange texture of it.  Then I noticed a tiny bit of precum from the slit at the end of his cock.  Billy’s hand was now on the back of my head, he was silently urging me to take him deeper in to my mouth.  I did.

I couldn’t take Billy’s cock all the way to the hilt but I was sliding it in and out of my mouth.  I tried to create a bit of suction to go along with the slight rocking of his hips.

Just imagine if someone walked at that moment…

Of course I was completely hard by now as was Billy.  I wasn’t in any rush as I was still exploring and figuring out how this all worked.  Then Billy pulled his cock backwards out of my mouth.  He took it in his right hand and started pumping it.  His left hand was on the back of my head with his cock just above, but only inches from my face.

His cock exploded cum on my face.  The first rope hit my forehead, the second my nose and the remainder just oozed down the head of his cock and in to the fingers that gripped his man meat.

Billy was bent over and the jizz end of his cock was renting on my cheek.

He stood up and stepped back.

“From your erection looks like you are enjoying this too.  Let me watch you finish yourself off Jeff.”

Isn’t it strange that this was the first time I really felt ‘naked’ in this whole scenario.  It didn’t matter that much though because I was really horny.  I reached down grabbing my cock and started to pound my fist up and down the length of my cock.  I was looking at Billy, who was looking at me and then I was cumming.  I bent over as well as the cum drained from my balls on to the floor of the shower.

When my orgasm subsided I looked up and Billy was gone.

I cleaned Billy’s cum off my face and some cum off my hand and, still completely naked, walked to where the locker were.  Billy had gotten dressed quickly and was about to leave.  He did say to me “We need to work on your finish stroke Jeff.  Want to meet me at my place thirty minutes after practice tomorrow?”

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