Speedo Endurance

The Speedo Endurance is a classic speedo.  I’ve owned half a dozen of them over the years and it is probably the speedo I’ve worn most while swim training.  They are made of a more durable material than lycra and they seem to stand up to the rigors of the chlorine a bit better.

I don’t have a pair of Endurance speedos in my collection right now but I probably should.  Maybe the Evil Speedo Corporation should look at sponsoring me instead of suing me all the time – hahaha.

Anyways, the reason for me even mentioning these speedos is this cutie – darn he looks good in them doesn’t he?

Speedo EnduranceSpeedo Endurance

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Guys in Speedos in an Orgy

Movie of the Week time…..

If I was part of this pool/speedo/orgy I would be in heaven!!!

Five hot guys just hanging out by the pool end up fucking each others brains out!!!

You can see houses in the background, I wonder what the neighbours are thinking these kind of shenanigans going on?  If you were the neighbour would you go over?  Would you sneak around to watch?  Would your sneaking get you caught so you’d be forced to join in?  The mind boggles doesn’t it.

This movie has been part of the movie archive on my site SpeedoFetish.com and I thought I’d make it the movie of the month here for you guys.

This movie is far too hot for general consumption so I’m making it members only.  If you are thinking of giving yourself a Christmas present this might be it, it is only $5 and I reckon this movie alone will get you through the New Years.  Click here to join now and watch this amazing action!!!

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Blue Speedo Cutie

How cute does this guy look in his blue speedo?

Nothing much to report, just been busy and I was pretty disappointed with the response to be previous post so I’ve been hanging out online with members and have a bunch of new movies over on SpeedoFetish.com.

Blue SpeedoClassic Blue Speedo

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Thinking of going Members Only

This blog is coming up to its 3,000th post and lately I have been thinking about this blog and where it is going.

More and more I am posting personal stuff and wanting to share some full length HD movies that I’m watching and want to share with you guys.  Unfortunately, both of those things require a lot of my time, a lot of server bandwidth and some discretion regarding my privacy.

I also feel that when I post for the public and the members I’m writing a sales pitch a couple of times a week, which I don’t like doing.

Each week I receive multiple emails request I advertise different things which I haven’t done because that is kinda shitty and there are no pop-up ads or crap like that here because, I hate sites with that stuff.

So, I’m thinking of making this blog 100% Members Only.

I would not do this lightly, it would be a big change but I feel that unless I make a change like this, sometime in the not too distance future I will stop blogging or blog a lot less than I want to.

I haven’t made a decision on this, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think.  Please leave a comment or shoot me an email DaveEvans@SpeedoFetish.com.

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A little too Cheeky

Little bit overcast this morning but I was up early for a surf with the boys.  Still wearing wetsuits but the water is warming up and if I go for a surf this afternoon will only be in shorts (if the sun comes out).  I only wish I was wearing speedos while surfing.

I’m just finishing up editing the Twink/Bear/Speedos/Hottub movie I shared with you guys (the members got to watch the 22 minute video).  Here is some screen shots from later in the movie which I thought was funny.

I love how the twink is all cheeky and naughty just knowing how hot he looks.

Cheeky Twink Pre Anal

And when that Daddy/Bear starts fucking him that grin changes to a grimace….

Bear Cock inside Twink Twink Fucked by Daddy Twink and Daddy

Instead of wondering about this stuff why not join?  It is only $5, you can do it through PayPal and on the receipt it comes up as “Focal Trade Ltd.”  Click here to join.

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