I love that guys come in all different shapes, sizes and styles and to be completely honest…. the one thing that turns me on is a guy wearing a speedo.

There is just something about it that gets my attention compared to the same guy wearing a pair of dork shorts for example.

So I suppose when I think about what type of guy I prefer I have to put them all in a speedo to start them equal……

Slim, twinkie, hippie guy?

Long Haired Hippie Guy

Muscled tattoo guy?

Tattoos and Muscles

Boy next door?

Boy Next Door

I suppose if I had to choose only one (I’d prefer to choose all four of these guys), I’d choose tall dark and handsome.  Classic good looks.

Would love to hear what you think.

Tall Dark and Handsome

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This morning I woke up super horny, I was dreaming about last Sunday’s threesome with the couple from the ocean swimming club (just scroll down a few posts to read about it).

What turned me on so much about that threesome was just how eager/keen/enthusiastic the wife was.  She was really excited to have two guys there and encouraged us guys to be open minded.

So waking up horny, I quickly put on some of my favourite MMF threesome porn.  This movie is hot because the three people are gorgeous but I love it because it starts with a couple by the pool and when the third guy arrives, the chicks looks delighted and seems to love having the two guys.

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Earlier in the week I posted a collection of my speedo selfies (click here to see those pics).  But here are some guys who look even better wearing the classic ADIDAS 3-Stripe speedo.

If anyone knows where I can buy some of these online, please drop me a line (DaveEvans@SpeedoFetish.com)


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At the local pool here I saw this poster advertising a local ocean swimming club which started back swimming a couple of weeks ago.  They swim on Sunday mornings at a beach near me (sorry I’m not going to disclose which beach or what the group calls themselves, if you are a member, email me and I’ll let you in on the secret).

Usually I go for a surf with the boys on a Sunday morning but sometimes it is a Saturday and since I was keen to check out this group I told the boys to make it Saturday this week which we did.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), was an afternoon watching Rugby World Cup at my place with people dropping in and out and the BBQ on and off as people nibbled instead of really eating a set meal.  Was a nice casual Aussie Saturday arvo by the barbie.  We had a few drinks but I was in bed at a sensible time and not too drunk.  This is important, because it meant I woke up early on Sunday feeling great and ready for a swim.

I went down to the meeting spot (which is right by a Surf Life Saving Club – although not officially part of it) and got there ten minutes before they started.

Good bunch of people, maybe twenty or so, mostly older, couple of high school kids who were obviously part of the Surf Life Saving Club from their swimwear.  I didn’t count but of the ten guys that were there, eight were wearing speedos and two were wearing wetsuits.  I had expected to speedo it up and was wearing my new pair of red speedos that Paul the Politician gave me recently.  They look awesome if I do say so myself.


My ADIDAS 3-Stripe Speedos are a bit of a staple for me.  I think they are hot, they are understated, the lycra material is really nice and I have a bit of a history of naughty behaviour when wearing them.

Today at the pool I noticed that my only pair right now are wearing out a little bit.

I think I’m going to have to replace them but they are pretty darn expensive where I have seen them online.

My ADIDAS Speedos

Would you like to see a bunch of pics I’ve taken over the years of me wearing my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos?  Well, if you were a member you’d be seeing them instead of this message.  Click here to join now, it is only $5.

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