Hot Speedo Couple

I hope you guys forgive me but a hot couple in speedos is kind of on my mind right now…..  that is after what happened last week.

These are some pics that were emailed through to me and I think this couple are freaking hot!!!

Hot Speedo Couple

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Picked Up

The Married Guy, one of my fuck buddies, has been hassling me about going along to the Masters Swim Squad training for weeks.  His wife bought him membership for Christmas and he thinks it might be good from my swimming.

A little bit reluctantly, I went along.  Picture this, I just get out of my car, I’m walking towards the pool entry and I get a text message from the Married Guy saying he can’t it.

I’m already here, I might as well go.

Everyone was really nice.  The coach was a young guy who gave me one really good pointers, unfortunately he wasn’t wearing a speedo like the majority of guys were.

During the session I talked to a bunch of people but I felt like this one couple (male/female, husband/wife) were kind of hitting on me.  They did ask me to grab a beer after we finished in the pool.  I had to help a mate move some furniture so I had to pass on the beer.

The next day I spoke with the Married Guy and I mentioned the couple I thought was hitting on me.  He started laughing and I was on the outside of the joke.  Married Guy said that the couple were big time swingers and everyone knew about it.  He was laughing because he thought they would hit on me but wasn’t sure if they’d do it the first night.

It is funny how the Married Guy seems to live vicariously through me, if I hook up with someone, he isn’t jealous, he gets turned on by hearing about what I’m getting up to.  With that in mind, it isn’t surprising that he asked me if I would have sex with the Married Couple from the pool?  Of course I would!!!

The next Masters Swim Training session I went to was two weeks later.  The Married Guy was there, as were the Married Couple.  Again everybody was nice and I enjoyed the session.  At the end the Married Couple asked me for a beer and I said yes.  It was funny how the Married Guy was holding in his laughter when he overheard me getting asked out.  We agreed to meet at a nearby pub and six minutes later the three of us were sitting down having a drink.

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My mission for today is to sit down and take the time to write about what happened on Tuesday evening after Master Swim Training.

It was an amazing sexual experience that started this blog years ago.  After an end of season party, my room mates (Aussie couple – guy and a girl) asked me to join them in the steam room.  It was so amazing I spent the next couple of days writing about that experience.  I wrote it Microsoft Word and while I added it to the archives of (that is the only place you can read everything I have ever written) I wanted to share the experience.

I love recounting my experiences and I get super horny when doing so.  But, it does take me a lot of time.  Because of the time involved and the discretion of the other people involved, what happened on Tuesday night will have to be protected in the members area.  I’m sure you can understand.

And, membership is only $5.  It is more of a token amount to keep things a little bit private.

I am about to start and this is my writing equipment.  Butt plug, jockstrap and a towel.  My only risk is that I cum too quickly and don’t finish writing.

Members will see my progress in near real time – c’mon, it is $5 and you can join with PayPal (it will come up that you have paid ‘Gocah Limited’ so nothing porn, speedo or gay related on there.

Sex Preparation

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Thong Man

Happy Thong Thursday guys.

Just a quick post as I am writing up what happened at Masters Swimming on Tuesday evening.  It was really fucking hot.  If you don’t see it tomorrow, it is because it will be available to members only.

The people involved told me I could write about it but to be very very very discrete.

Becoming a member is only $5 – click here to join.

Thong Thursday

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Off to Masters Swimming

Two weeks ago I went to the Masters Swim squad training thingy (click here to read that post).

That first time was fine even though it was the idea of the Married Guy and he didn’t show up.  There were two interesting developments at that first session.

Firstly, the coach is a young guy called Aiden who is pretty hot.  He was fully dressed but was some great swimmer so I’m sure he would look great in speedos.  Dirt blonde hair, super bubbly personality and was really nice to me on my first night.

Secondly, there was a couple there that I chatted to independently and then at the end of the session they asked me to go for drinks which I couldn’t do.  I felt a little bit like they were hitting on me and I mentioned that when I blogged about it.  The Married Guy reads this blog and he has since told me that he knows that couple and they are swingers.  So they were definitely hitting on me.

Tonight the Married Guy should be coming along and I will be looking forward to having a beer with the Married Couple afterwards and see where things go.

It has been a while since I have been with a girl and a threesome with a Married Couple would be a good refresher don’t you think?

Maybe the swim coach Aiden could join us as well?

Swimming CoachBlowing the Swim Coach

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