Big Day in the Capital

For non-members of this blog I’ll give you a quick run down on what I got up to today….

I was up early, very surprising considering the shenanigans that Poly Paul and I got up to last night.  Yes, I was a little sore (a little ‘stretched’ one might say).  It was cold here so I did some work while Paul went in to his office at Parliament.

Then I went for a swim which felt great.  Pool was nice, not very busy, a little cold (I think it was a mechanical issue).  Showers at the pool were out of order but I managed to make myself presentable and walked up to Parliament House and was there in time for Question Time which was a hoot.  I’ve seen it on TV but never in person and it was very lively.

I have some juicy details on what we (not just Poly Paul and I) got up to last night but as I’ve mentioned, it is to be kept for members only.

Pic from the pool today… no cameras allowed at the pool but I snuck this pic.  No cameras allowed in Parliament either and I didn’t manage to sneak my phone in there.

Canberra Olympic Pool

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Poly Paul’s Dick Pics

As promised, here are some dick pics that Poly Paul (Paul the Politician) sent me.

Of course I can’t publish them to the public… members only guys.

I know it must suck for those of you who aren’t members, but if I didn’t have a members area I wouldn’t be able to post anything about my week in Canberra.  Stop being a tight arse, it is only $5.  Click here to join now (and then you’ll see Poly Paul’s cock).

Bathroom Speedo Dick Pic

And here are the selfies that I recently sent Poly Paul on Grindr – I screen shotted these for you guys.

Red Speedo Dick PicDave Evans Dick Pic

Canberra Has a Nude Beach

Did anyone know that Canberra has a nude beach?  I didn’t, why hasn’t anyone told me this before?

Today I was planning on going to Parliament for Question Time (to see Poly Paul in action), but the weather was soooooo awesome that Poly Paul suggested I head out to Canberra’s nude beach, Kamba Pool, and see what kind of mischief I could get up to and maybe arrange more speedo friendly company for us.

Kamba PoolCanberra Nude Beach

Sorry guys, rest of this post is members only.  Have to keep it that way for discretion purposes.  If you were ever thinking of joining I think this week could be the week you want to join.

Click here to join now, it is $5 for the month.

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Politician Booty Call

I’m just walking out the door here for the just over 4hr drive to Canberra.

I could be mean and see how many non-Aussie’s know that Canberra is Australia’s capital city but that would be mean.

The weather this week is looking spectacular in Canberra (even though people are still skiing not very far away).  I’ve been invited to Canberra by a long time fan/member who happens to be a politician.  I’m going to call him Poly as in Politician) Paul.  We have hung out a year or so ago in Sydney and I didn’t mention it here on the blog for privacy/discretion purposes of course.

Parliament is sitting this week but Paul has some extra-curricular activities planned and I haven’t hung out in Canberra for year so I’m keen to play tourist.

In the interests of discretion, which I’m sure you can understand, most of my blog posts this week will be protected in the members area.  That is the whole reason I created membership, so I could share with you guys stuff I usually couldn’t with at least some privacy.  So, if you are keen to hear what Poly Paul and I get up to this week, you can join for $5.  Really not much to get the inside scoop.

If you are interested, click here to join.  And if you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Red Speedo in Canberra

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Blowjob Guilt

Charles is an old friend of mine.  We’ve hung out for years and he is a good friend.  Charles is a few years older than me and is a really good looking guy.  For years the group of friends we’d hang out with thought Charles might be gay, but nobody really knew one way or the other.  One night, over a few drinks I just asked him and he said that yes he is gay.

Over time, I told him that I am Dave Speedo Evans which surprised him as he thought I was one hundred percent straight.  Charles has been discrete with my sexuality and I’ve been respectful of his sexuality which is just under the radar.

We have never hooked up.  I know that sounds surprising, perhaps it is because we have been such long time friends, but I think the real reason is because Charles like younger guys.

I’ve met three of Charles boyfriends and they were all in college and around the age of twenty.

He isn’t quite Sugar Daddy status, but he has a really good job and Charles is good looking so I’m guessing that is how he can pick up these cute young guys.  Charles’ current boyfriend, Tom, is cut from the same mold:  nineteen years old, second year engineering student, was a high school gymnast so a little short but really cute.

Speedo Twink

I’ve hung out with Charles and Tom a few times and we’ve all gotten along.  Charles asked if he could tell Tom that I am Dave Speedo Evans which was OK with me.  I think that Tom had a bit of a crush on me before, and knowing who I really am has increased that crush.

Sorry for the length backstory but it is important as I explain what happened last weekend.

A mutual friend of Charles and I was having a birthday.  The girl whose birthday it was is the one who Charles and I originally met through nearly ten years ago.  It was a surprise thing and Charles told me I could crash at his apartment in Sydney (it is a one bedroom so I figured I’d be on the floor).

I was kind of excited for the night.  Usually when I’m in Sydney I’m staying with friends of whom I’m not ‘out’ to so I never really get to pick up.  Staying with Charles, I figured I could pick up.

Recently I received a speedo order which was a little too small for me so I thought I’d take them down for Charles and Tom (they are both a little bit slimmer than I am).  One was a pair of red Arena speedos similar to the black ones which are my current favourite.  The other is a pair of Turbo waterpolo speedos which I love but due to the heavy duty material they are made of, they don’t stretch at all and I just can’t wear them because they are too tight.

I was wearing my lycra black Arena speedos (under my jeans).

Speedo Cock Shot

As planned, I caught the train down and arrived at Charles’ place about six o’clock.  Tom was there (school was out I suppose) and we were just chilling out in the kitchen of his beautiful apartment that overlooked the Sydney Harbour.  Charles has just poured our second drink when I remembered that I had brought those two pairs of speedos down for them.  I grabbed them out of my bag and put them on the kitchen counter where we were drinking telling the guys this is a present for them.

Charles had a cheeky grin, but Tom was beside himself with glee.  Young guys are so cute aren’t they.

Grabbing the red Arena speedo, Tom headed to the bedroom telling us that he just had to try it on.  Charles and I didn’t really react to young Tom and continued out conversation.  Thirty seconds later, out came Tom wearing the red speedo looking AMAZING!!!  Holy cow, Tom was ripped with a six pack and the low cut speedo fit him perfectly.

Tom asked me if he was model material for one of my sites.  He definitely was, but I told him looking amazing in a speedo is only half the job… the other half of the job is being naughty.  He assured me he is naughty enough.

The front of Tom’s red speedo was not hiding the semi chub (semi erection) that he had but thankfully my jeans were hiding my growing erection.  Tom was rubbing the front of his speedo commenting on how nice the lycra material felt and he grabbed Charles’ hand and put it on the front of his speedo.  Charles rubbed and confirmed that the material felt silky smooth.  Looking at me, Tom told me that I should feel it as well.

Speedo Rubbing

While I really wanted to feel Tom’s cock through the lycra material, it was my mates boyfriend so I declined, making the excuse that I was wearing the same speedo just in black and I was aware of how nice they felt.

Tom looked really sad when I declined his offer to rub his cock through the lycra of those tiny red speedos.  Then his look changed, his nineteen year old brain had an idea… he said it wasn’t fair that he was the only one wearing very little clothing.  He said that since I’ve seen his, he should see mine.  I was totally keep to drop my jeans and get this speedo party started but this is Charles’ boyfriend.  Maybe if we all speedo’d it up?  I suggested.

Charles said it really wasn’t his thing but that I should humor young Tom.

I didn’t need a second invitation.  I kicked off my boots, took off my socks, undid my shirt and started undoing my belt.  Tom looked like he was about to have a stroke, his eyes were fixated on my crotch anticipating what he would soon see.

I slid my jeans down and kicked them over my pile of clothes standing up in my full speedo glory. My erection, which was about ninety percent there, was now visible for all to see.  That is why I love speedos.  Tom asked if he could rub my cock.  I said if it was OK with Charles….  We both looked at Charles and he gave a nod.

One of Tom’s hands was rubbing my cock and the other was rubbing his own.  We were both full hard by now and it was pretty hot standing there with a nineteen year old rubbing my cock while his boyfriend watched us.

After a minute or so of this, Tom asked Charles if he could show me just how naughty he can be.  Again, Charles gave a little nod.

Tom gently pushed/directed me backwards a little bit until my butt was against the kitchen counter.  Then he dropped to his knees.  Tom’s tongue started licking up and down my shaft, which was still inside my speedo but wouldn’t be for long.

Speedo Blowjob

The view of this hot young guy’s tongue licking up and down was phenomenal.  When I couldn’t handle it any longer, I reached down and released my cock out the leg of my speedo.

The feeling of my cock sliding past Tom’s lips was amazing.  This wasn’t Tom’s first time sucking cock and he took my fat cock all the way to its base, then he looked up at me.  What a view!!!

Like a Dyson vacuum is how I’d describe Tom’s mouth on my cock.  He had amazing suction while he played with my balls like an expect juggler.  It was hot knowing that Charles was watching all of this but to be honest I didn’t pay too much attention to Charles as this was so hot.  Looking over Tom’s bobbing head, I could his tight little nineteen year old arse which looked perfect in the red speedos.

Since I was hoping to pick up that night I hadn’t jerked off that day so I had a load ready and it wasn’t long until Tom’s fantastic blowjob skills had me on the edge.

I warned him I was about to cum and he kept going.  Then that deep, intense pleasure began and I exploded, deep in Tom’s mouth.  I wasn’t too loud, but it was pretty obvious that I was in ecstasy and my cock was unloading pulse after pulse of cum.  Tom didn’t miss a beat, or a drop and took it all.  His mouth was still sucking on my cock and I had to grab the back of his head to stop him because of how sensitive my cock as my orgasm subsided.

As I caught my breath I looked up to see Charles checking his phone.  With my cock still in Tom’s mouth, Charles said that our ride was downstairs.

Tom heard this announcement, slid his mouth off my cock and went into the room to get changed.  I started to put my clothing back on as well.

It was an abrupt ending to one of the most wonderful blowjobs I’ve had in a while.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some great blowjobs recently but this was pretty darn hot and Tom has some pretty serious blowjob skills.  The three of us caught the elevator down to the lobby and were greeted by a few of our friends and a night of partying in Sydney began.

Nothing else was spoken of that amazing blowjob… but it wouldn’t be the last time Tom’s lips were wrapped around my cock that trip to Sydney.

You’ll have to check back again as I explain what else happened and why now, a few days later I do feel guilty about what happened.