Alex Ropped into a Threesome

For those of you who follow my blog will know all about Alex, but for those of those of you who don’t, let me give you a quick run down of how we became fuck buddies.

I live in this coastal town an hour or so north of Sydney, I didn’t grow up here but have a group of friends who are awesome.  None of these friends know about my gay (or bi) activities and at this point in time, I have no interest in sharing my sexual habits with them.  So it came as a surprise when one night while partying at the local Beer Garden this guy Alex, who I knew but didn’t know that well, came up to me and said he knew about my blog and my naughty adventures.

At the time I was shocked and a little scared that he would ‘out’ me to the rest of the crew here on the coast.  Alex seemed one hundred percent straight to me, he had a typical Aussie beach chick girlfriend who he had been dating for a couple of years.  Turned out that Alex was even more in the closet than I was/am.

Despite sharing my speedo fetish, Alex had never been with a guy.  Zero, guy on guy contact but that all changed and I feel like I did a pretty good job introducing him to the world of gay sex.

Now, Alex is completely out of the closet and has a boyfriend, Adam, that he lives with.  He has been pretty cool and not ‘outted’ me to anyone and I get to join him and his boyfriend for some naughty fun every now and then.

Alex and I have had some threesomes (and foursomes and moresomes) but only ever with guys.  Since Alex broke up with his long time girlfriend, he hasn’t had sex with any women.

I hope that explains who Alex is and what our story is.

Fast forward to last Wednesday.  I’m sitting at home just working when I get a message from Alex saying he wants to come over for a drink after work and he is bringing a fan of mine.  I like Alex’s taste in men (his boyfriend Adam is hot) so I thought this sounded interesting.  I replied saying I look forward to it.  Sounds like a threesome to me.

The rest of the day I was pretty horny in anticipation.  I was so horny that I had to brave the cold water and went for a surf for an hour just to calm myself down.

Five o’clock finally approached, I actually lit a fire in my little fireplace, it is winter in Australia and while it isn’t that cold, it is cool enough.  Warmer temps inside the house would make it more comfortable to be wearing less, which is what I was expecting to happen once Alex arrived.  I stripped down to my new black Arena speedos which I just love.

Dave Evans Hottub

A little after five, there was a knock at the door.

Picture this, I’m somewhere between half and full hard in these tiny black speedos with nothing else on.  I open the door and there is Alex but he isn’t the first thing I see.  The first thing I see is this cute brunette who is a little shorter than Alex and I (we are both just over six foot I suppose).  My heart stopped!!!

In that split second I had a few thoughs; Did I read Alex’s message wrong? Who is this chick?  OMG, I feel naked.

Both Alex and the brunette chick were smiling while my brain was melting, overloaded trying to figure out what was going on.

“Hi Dave, I’m Marika, one of your biggest fans.”

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Two Threesomes to Report

I know I’ve been slack posting over the last couple of weeks.  Kip and I have been super busy and when I’m busy I’m not usually having as many naughty experiences to share with you guys.

That all changed this week.

On Wednesday night, Alex and I had a threesome… the third was a chick he know who was visiting town.  It was amazing!!!

Last night (Friday) I went over to Alex and his boyfriend, Adam’s, house and the three of us had an amazing threesome..

Three Guys Threesome

Later today I’m going to sit down and write about Wednesday night for sure, maybe write about Friday night.  Hopefully I’ll have it finished for you guys tomorrow.

Which of those threesome combinations would you prefer?  Two guys and a girl or three guys?

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This Girl likes Speedos

It is the first day of summer… in the Northern Hemisphere (I think I missed it by a few days)!!!

Here is a little motivation for everyone (gay or straight) to get the courage up and wear speedos today!!!

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AussieBum Selfies

Today I was going through some of my speedo selfies and found some that were taken on a trip down to Sydney a few months ago.

Yes, it was a naughty hookup and it all started in the hottub.  I took three pairs of speedos, black Asian style Arena’s, a pair of Turbo waterpolo speedos and my long time favourite AussieBum Portseas.  There are some pics of me wearing each of these speedos…..

I found one today which I had missed and thought I’d share it with you guys.  This first pic isn’t me, it is just a model wearing the AussieBum Portsea’s.

AussieBum Portsea

I don’t look as good as him in my blue AussieBum’s but I do love them!!!

The only place you can see all of my speedo selfies is in the members area on this blog (click here to join) or in the members area of my site  I’ll occasionally post a teaser here but I’m pretty discrete and don’t want all of them out in the public.  That is part of why I created the members area… so I could share more personal things.  Click here to join now, it is only $5.

Dave Evans Speedo Selfie

Can you guess whose cock this is?

Have you ever played “guess whose cock?”

This would be amazing to play with a girlfriend but right now I don’t have a girlfriend so maybe this weekend I could find some guys to play it with?Blindfold Threesome


My old speedo buddy Alex (and his boyfriend), as well as my pool fuck buddy, the Married Guy all are huge fans and read my blog religiously…. I hope they are clearing their calendars so maybe we could play this game…..

I once wrote a piece of fantasy about Alex and I getting caught by one of the chicks that lives next door to me here.  It was based on a true story – the story of when I tied myself up and Alex came over and played with me but having the two of them… a fantasy yet to come true but hopefully one day….

If you’d like to read what I wrote about that fantasy, click here.


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