Sunday Morning Surf

Quick blog post for you guys before the boys get here for our Sunday Morning surf.

This little routine/habit is something that I love about being here on the Central NSW Coast.  There is no schedule or anything arranged, it is just be at my place by 7am and we go for a surf for an hour or so.  If the surfing good, we stay longer, if someone has other plans they might leave earlier.  If someone is late, they can usually figure out where we are and join us.

Some mornings I’m a little hungover from partying on a Saturday night, some morning I’m really hungover from partying Saturday night.  Today, I’m not hungover at all and it is beautiful looking out at the ocean drinking my morning coffee.

I don’t have too much planned for the rest of the day so will probably be doing some work and maybe a BBQ later.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend as well.

These guys surfing in their AussieBums has inspired me… I’ll wear my AussieBum Portsea’s, under my dork shorts unforunately.  Me speedo’ing it up might be a little weird for mate Aussie mates.

AussieBum Surfer DudeAussieBum SurferSurfer in AussieBum Speedos

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As I’m writing about my foursome with Alex and his boyfriend, group sex seem to be on everyone mind.  Alex and his boyfriend are both members of this blog (I would have given them a free membership but they went and joined ages ago without asking me) and the Married Guy is also a member (similarly I would have given him free membership as well).  Both of these guys have  been texting me this morning asking about organizing something.

I’ll get to work on it guys……

If I write about a group experience involving the Married Guy, discretion is even more important for him than it is for me (it is pretty important for me) so it will be a members only thing.

Members can enjoy the threesome movie at the bottom of this page.  In the interests of discretion, if you decide to become a member.  The transaction won’t say “Aussie Speedo Guys Gay Porn”, it comes up as “Gocah Limited”.  Just keeping your discretion in mind as well.

Gay ThreesomeThreesomeThreewayThreesome

Three young guys, wearing speedos in a pool…. what could ever happen?

Gay Teen Threesome

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Last Friday’s Foursome with Alex

This morning I’ve been working on writing about a foursome I had with Alex, Adam (his boyfriend) and a random dude called Justin.  I love writing about my sexual experiences, it was my first bisexual threesome that caused me to start this blog….  it was so incredibly hot I felt I had to write about it.

Then I had a graphic designer on staff who wrote a personal blog herself and I thought that might be a fun way to be able to share my experience.  Little did I know that I’ve shared many many of my experiences on this blog ever since.

I’ll share with you guys more about my foursome last Friday when I finish writing the members version of it but in the mean time I have some reading for you guys.

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Tied up and waiting

I like being tied up in speedos, I like tying other people up in speedos.  I think this comes from some of my very first sexual experiences where a friend and I would get horny, watch porn together and fool around (summer in Australia and of course we would end up wearing only our speedos).  We both put our cocks in each other mouth, I’m not entirely sure why but we would sit on a chair, tie our hands behind our backs, turn off the lights… maybe we though it wasn’t as gay that way – hahaha.

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The Speedo Forum

Years ago I started the Speed Forum ( and it has become a fun place to hang out and talk with other guys who share my speedo fetish.

Over time there have been some dick head members but it is easy enough to ban them and otherwise the place is pretty good and there are enough people visiting it that topics are kept up to date and pretty fresh.  Fore example, the most users online at one time this month was 355 which is pretty cool.

If you haven’t been over there feel free to check it out.  It is free and there are no pop-ups of crap that like which I personally hate.  When you join (100% free) you just have to email me ( your username so I can activate your account.

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