Day in White Speedos

How have you guys been? It feels like I’ve been off the grid for the last week.

I had a death in the family and it was a bit of a shock.  Each day is getting better and I think I’ve cried it out.

Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer and I have a tonne of work to catch up on.  Tonight I’m going to see Surfer Chick which should make me feel better.

Today is looking like a gorgeous day outside too so I’m going to wear my white speedos all day and definitely get into the water.  If you see me walking from my house into the surf in white speedos, definitely come and say hello.

I’ve got 2 new movies for that I’ve got to do today so I’ll get on that and share some screen shots with you guys tomorrow.

In the mean time…. here is some white speedo eye candy.

White Speedo ButtTastey White SpeedoWhite Speedo Model

Will post tomorrow

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days.

I’m dealing with a bit of a personal tragedy.  Not something I really want to disclose here.

I’ll be back to normal posting tomorrow.

College Swim Team Guys

I was never on a swim team growing up but looking at this swim team I really wish I was.

Does anyone know what college/university this is?

I can’t imagine not getting a boner hanging out with those guys in those gorgeous speedos!!!

A little while back my fellow long time blogger Brenton posted some pics of a photo shoot he took of a gay waterpolo team in Sydney – click here for those photos.

Uni Swim TeamCollege Swim TeamHot College Mens SwimteamGay SwimteamGay Swimteam Mates

Well and truly fucked

Holy cow, it is 7am and I’m out of bed on a Saturday.  What is wrong with me?

Today is looking like a fantastic day.  Supposed to get up to 21C (70F) which is awesome!!!  Once the sun starts cranking out some of that heat I’m going to move my office outside and enjoy it.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be 6C (43F) which isn’t that good so I better make the most of it.  Today I will get in the water, I haven’t been in the water all week which is odd for me.

So yesterday I did what I had planned and handcuffed myself to my bed and was wearing a jockstrap.  I lube up my arse before hand as well and put on a make shift blind fold.  I don’t Alex about it and he was keen so he walked in the house, stripped down to black speedos, put on a condom and fucked me.  He took ages too, which he later told me was because he fucked his girlfriend that morning before work.

I had been craving being fucked so it was good to get that out my system.

Anyone got anything exciting happening this weekend?

Fucked in the ArseGay Anal Sex

Waiting for Alex to fuck me

All week I’ve been itching (figuratively, not literally – I’m sick of people miss using the word ‘literally’), to have my arse fucked.

Last weekend Surfer Chick told me that she had tried anal years ago and didn’t like it but she has been finding her arse to be more and more sensitive and when I played with her arsehole it got us talking and she said she’d like to explore some anal sex…. slowly of course.

Who better to teach a chick anal, than a guy who loves receiving anal?

I haven’t started Surfer Chicks training but it will go similar to Alex’s anal training.  Slowly and with lots of lube.

I’ve written about it over on if you are interested.

Since last weekend I’ve been dying to have my arsehole fucked and today Alex is knocking off work early and coming over.  I’ve turned the heat up in the house so we will be nice and warm and I’m thinking I might put on a jockstrap (I only have 1) and tied myself to the headboard of my bed and leave the condom and lube next to me.

He’ll be around in about 3 hours, do you guys have any suggestions?

Jockstrap Anal SexGay Jockstrap

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