Aussie Speedo Mates

After my blog post a few days ago I received an email from Alex checking in on when I’m due home.

Alex pretty horny about me coming back and he hasn’t had any ‘man love’ since I left.  I might try and organize a bit of an orgy the Friday after I get back.

I am looking forward to getting back on the beach that is for sure and it will be interesting to see if my swimming has been hurt by only swimming twice since I’ve been away.  Maybe the high altitude will have compensated though.

Blue Speedo on Beach

Maybe some red speedo fun…..

AussieBum Threesome

Four is better than 3.

Speedo FriendsSwimmers in Speedos

Back to Speedo Friendly Aussie

This weekend is my last here in Colorado and it is going to be busy.  Kip is back in town tomorrow (Saturday), then I am off on Tuesday.  It has been great, lots of snowboarding, lots of hottub fun.

I’ve got a handful of projects that Kip and I have been working on which we have to try and get tidied up although we talk to each other pretty much every day even when we are opposite sides of the planet.  There will be some exciting things for me to share with you guys in the coming weeks as things get polished up.

I think I’ll get a bit of a chance to debrief during the long slog back home.  I’m flying Denver, Salt Lake City, LA then Sydney.  Then jump on the train and get to Gosford train station about 38 hours after I leave here.  It has been worth it though.

One thing I am looking forward to though is seeing real guys at the pool wearing speedos……

Pool SpeedoSpeedo Stretch

Or maybe some guys at the beach in their speedos……

More ClubbiesSurf Club Guys

Jaked Speedos

Lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of pics of guys wearing Jaked speedos – I’ve never seen the brand in the flesh or ever owned a pair myself.  They give the impression that they are a waterpolo9 brand kind of like Turbo.

Keen to hear any thoughts from you guys.

Jaked Speedo

Interracial Threesome

I’ve never had sex with a black guy, my first asian guy was only a few years ago.

When I saw these pics I could believe how hot they are.  I’d love to be the guy in the red speedos….. I think I could handle it.

Black CocksInterracial ThreesomeGay Interracial SexInterracial Gay Threesome


Sunday Funday isn’t an expression I have heard in Aussie but it seems pretty common over here in Colorado.

It is a beautiful Sunday here, nice and warm, not a cloud in the sky.

I haven’t told you guys about what Kip got up to the other night.  Turns out he ran into a guy that he has been talking to on Grindr that Kip has a bit of a crush on.  Kip thinks it could be something more than just a casual fuck so that is why I wasn’t invited to join in.  Kip was pretty smitten which was cute.

In the mean time, Kip is away this week on some personal business so I have his house all to myself except…… Kip’s sister is floating about.

Kip’s sister is a bit of a long story and I know a lot of you guys aren’t interesting in my str8/bisexual experiences so I’m going to leave that stuff to my bisexual blog –  If you are interest, drop over there and check it out.

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