Old Speedo Pics

?The first website I ever created was SpeedoFetish.com.  Although, it wasn’t called SpeedoFetish.com at the time.  It started as SpeedoBoys.com, then SpeedoBoyz.com, then SwimmerBoyz.com and now it is SpeedoFetish.com.

The main reason for those name (domain name) changes has been the Evil Speedo Corporation taking legal action against me but it really has never been that big a deal…. there are lots of speedo names out there and I have some more that I’ve thought of if they decide they want to steal the current site name off me.

While I’ve been in Colorado, the biggest project I’ve been working on is redoing a whole bunch of stuff on SpeedoFetish.com and this morning we finally got it all online and I’m super excited about it.

During the process of updating/redoing things, I stumbled across some old promotional material.  These three photos below are pics that I’ve jerked off to many times, hence why I chose them for some of the promotional stuff.

Swing on by and check it out and let me know what you guys think.


American Lifeguards in Speedos

Can it really be true? Check out these pics of a group of yankee lifeguards in speedos – how wonderful is this!!!  Looking closely at the registration plate on the truck it looks like it is California.  Has anyone ever seen Californian lifeguard in black speedos?

Enjoy these pics guys – you guys don’t mind me posting more pics in the posts as I have been doing a little bit lately?

US Lifeuards wearing speedos


These days even Aussie lifeguards aren’t.  Looks like this guy is more of a clubbie (member of the Bondi Life Saving Club and competes in beach sporting events.

Bondage…. hot or not?

One of my long time members sent me through these photos that were taken of him a little while ago during a speedo bondage session with a pretty well known guy in Sydney.

It was a first for this member and while his love of speedos is long standing, he hadn’t had much experience with bondage at all and was excited to explore this with a bit of a master at speedo bondage.

Turns out that while the member enjoyed it, was super horny, felt like he was in a safe environment, he came away thinking that it isn’t really something that will be part of his regular routine.  We spoke back and forward on email a bit discussing it and it was interesting, and insightful to hear his thoughts on it.

I suppose just because we have a fantasy, doesn’t always mean it will be as hot in person.

Thanks to this long time member for allowing me to share the photos of his session, it looks pretty hard hot to me.

Last night I was a give’r (a give’him)

Last night I had the house to myself.  Kip (my server admin) and his sister (my new girlfriend) were down in Denver.  I’ll explain more about Kip and his crew in some future blog posts but they knew/assumed I’d be up to naughtiness.

I have a gorgeous townhouse in Breckenridge and a private hottub….. what do you think I’m going to do?

I turn on Grindr….. this is my profile photo.

You can’t see it?  It is because you aren’t a member.  I share a lot of things with you guys, if you really want the goodies, you need to be a member.  Click to join now and then you get to stop hearing me tell you that you’d see more.

Want the juicy details about last night…. ow yeah…. sorry gotta keep those goodies for members.

AussieBum FuckSpeedo Anal

Colorado is a Zoo

Bit of a zoo here in Colorado this weekend for ‘Presidents Day Holiday’ on Monday. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about it when I booked my trip but it really wouldn’t have mattered.

Instead of joining the masses on the slopes, Kip and I enjoyed a little bit of a sleep in and are pounding…. the keyboards today working on a bunch of stuff.

Kip has some people coming for dinner tomorrow night and I’m going to cook up some Australian lamb (we bought from Costco) and that is about it.

One of my jobs today was to create some promotional galleries and this is something I was working on.

Anyone know where I could buy the purple speedo on this first guy?

Boardshorts are for Sissies

Those are some pretty tastey speedo butts!!!

If you were a member (it is only $5) you would also be seeing some photos of my speedo clad butt…. but that is for members only.  If you’d like to join – click here.

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