These pics were posted over on the and this guy reminds me of Alex.

I wonder if Alex would let me do this to him?  I know he reads this blog every day……

Speedo BondageBondage in SpeedosSpeedo Guy in Bondage

Fuck I needed

It was great to read your comments yesterday guys.  I loved K1’s story about jerking off in the car he was that horny.

The guy that I had found on Grindr piked on me but Tim read my blog post and dropped me a text.  Tim was there when Alex had his first threesome and first fuck but Tim has been travelling and been out of town so I didn’t even think of him.

It was great, Tim couldn’t come over until after work and I was incredibly horny ALL DAY LONG but I managed to hold off.

So Tim arrived a bit after 5 and I was wearing nothing but a speedo.  Tim said he would have a quick shower and that I better be ready when he got out.

When Tim came out of the shower I was in the kitchen, now 100% hard in a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos.  Tim called out from my bedroom and I walked in and saw him on all fours telling me to fuck away!!!  I grabbed a condom and squirted some lube down his crack and without wasting a second I slipped my cock all the way inside him.

2 more strokes and I was done!!!

Hahahaha, I told you I was horny.

Speedo Anal Sex

Craving a butt to fuck

Darn I’m horny today.

I woke up with a raging hard on but instead of jerking off I thought that I should see if there were any guys on Grindr around.  I’ve only had sex twice since Kip left weeks ago and both were just blow job sessions with Alex.

Grindr as usual came through for me and there is a guy coming over at lunch time who is a bottom and will wear speedos.

What did we ever do before the internet and mobile apps?

Speedo ButtSpeedo ButtSwimmers Bum

Great Aussie BBQ

Yesterday I hosted a BBQ and it went off great.  I’m trying to date this preschool teacher that I met a couple of weeks ago.  I’m writing about it more on the bisexual blog ( and I invited her and the rest of the gang around for a Sunday barbie.

No, we did not have shrimp on the barbie.

It turned into a bit of a session and it was stinking hot so there was lots of flesh and I’m pretty sure everyone got in the water at some point.  I’m pretty sure most of the guys were wearing speedos under their boardies but there was no speedo’ing it up unfortunately.  Alex and his girlfriend were there and Alex was walking around shirtless most of the day and I could tell that he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum’s – which I’ve peeled off him on numerous occasions.

All the girls were in bikinis and the preschool teacher looked pretty hot in her black bikini.

Anyways, I’m going to go for a quick swim to wake up.  The beach yesterday was packed and right now I can count on my fingers the people I can see on the beach.

Real Men Wearing AussieBum SpeedosReal Men Wear SpeedosThree Guys Wearing Speedos

Friday afternoon blowjob

Alex came around for a blowjob on Monday and he is finishing out the week with a blowjob.  Just got a text from him saying he is coming over for a ‘surf’.

It is kind of funny that since my place is the closest of any of the boys (by boys I mean the group of str8 guys that I hang out with), everyone keeps their surfboards at my place.  I have 5 surfboards sitting in a little shed at the back of the house.  And I’m the worst surfer of any of these guys by far.

When Kip was here it means that we had to be super careful because people just rock up anytime but it is part of living on the beach which I love.

Anyway, so Alex is coming over and we are skipping going for a lap swim instead so he can knock of work a little earlier.

I asked him about how often his girlfriend sucks him off and he said it is never enough….. so I suppose it is a good thing he can just drop by and drop a load.

Speedo Blowjob

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