Classic Black Speedos

A collection of selfies of guys wearing black speedos….

Some are just random, some have been sent to me by fans, some are members of this site and there might even be some of me snuck in there.

Please feel free to email me your own speedo selfies…..

Tonight I’m off for my threesome with Alex and his boyfriend – I’m excited!!!!

Alex has been tied up before

Obviously, I am excited about my threesome with Alex and his boyfriend on Wednesday night.  There is something to be said about anticipation…..

It did get me thinking, I’ve tied up Alex before and after looking through the stories archive on my site, I found an experience that I wrote about in July 2014 about Alex being tied up and his first ever anal experience (technically Alex had used some toys and I’ve fingered him but this was the first time he had a cock in his arse).

Since there have been a crazy amount of new members here over the weekend I thought I’d share that with you guys.  If you aren’t a blog member, click here to join now for just $5.

Alex wants to be tied up…. again

Yesterday was a classic Aussie Sunday at the beach.  After the morning surf, I did some work and then about lunch time some mates came around and we hung out on the beach kicking a footy around then started up the barbie and just hung out in the back yard.

I have posted about one of my neighbors who was wearing a blue one piece swimsuit all afternoon – read about that on my bisexual blog (

What might be interesting to you guys is that Alex mentioned to me that he and his boyfriend really enjoyed our threesome a few weeks ago and would love to do something this week if I was interested.

Let me think about this…. a threesome with 2 really hot guys who are also into speedos?  Yeah I think I’m interested in that.  So we penciled it in for Wednesday night.  Alex did say that they are getting into some bondage stuff which the three of us have played around with before so it should be fun.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, I have a bunch of work to get stuck into today so I’m going to do that.

Speedo BondageTied up in speedosTied Up Bondage FetishBondage Speedo

Sunday Morning Surf

Quick blog post before the boys get here for our usual Sunday morning surf.  I think Alex is coming today as well which is great, he doesn’t usually come on the Sunday morning surf.  It is supposed to be a cracker of a day so might end up spending the afternoon in the backyard playing some cricket and hanging around the barbie.

Well I better put on something more than just my black speedo brand speedos – wish I didn’t have to.

Black AussieBum SpeedoReal Man Wearing SpeedosBlack Speedo BumBlack SpeedoClassic Black Speedo

Speedo Threesome Movie

Have you guys seen this weeks “Speedo Movie of the Week“?

The “Movie of the Week” thing is something I’ve added recently for blog members.

This movie pretty much depicts one the speedo fantasies that I’ve had a chance to be a part of on several occasions (of course I have more than one fantasy).

Real men, looking great in their speedos, outdoors, in a pool, sucking cock and fucking arse….

Enjoy this weeks movie of the week guys – this sample movie is 3mins 44sec, if you are a member (a whole $5) then you can watch the full 19mins and 28 secs.  Click here to join now.

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