Real Aussie Men

As you guys know (or those who follow me know) I have recently moved up to the Sunshine Coast.  It is in Australia, on the east cost, north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland.

I have always wanted to live up here because it is laid back, the weather is beautiful (that might be why they call it the Sunshine Coast) and the beaches are great.  Me moving up here happened pretty quickly, without much planning and while I have some friends in Brisbane, I don’t actually know anyone here on the coast.

Before you start worrying about me being lonely, remember I am the Aussie Speedo Guy and I have a bit of a history with mobile hookup apps.

Let me tell you about the first friends I made here in my new home town.

It was the end of my first full day in my new unit and after a day at the beach, working on my speedo tan, I was feeling a little bit horny.  Maybe a little bit lonely to go along with feeling horny.  I grabbed my mobile phone, a drink and went up to the rooftop hottub.  Because of all the border closures here in Australia, the building I’m living in has no tourists and feels really empty so I had the hottub all to myself.  I was wearing a pair of AussieBum Portsea’s (they are blue and I have a bit of a history getting in to naughty situations while wearing them).

Sitting in the hottub, on my own, I started updating my details on the hookup app.  Just a little bit of a rant: if you use a dating or hookup app, put as much info as you can in there and as many photos as possible.  The whole idea of it is to hookup and the more someone knows about you the better. And then when you message someone, trying putting a little more effort than “Hey”.  If it goes well, I will sucking your cock, or letting your fuck my arse in the next thirty minutes, how about a little more than “Hey”. So I updated my profile, added some new photos (I’ve put on a little bit of weight since the Covid started so wanted up to date pics.

Profile updated, I made a couple of phone calls then ducked back down stairs to get another drink.

It had been half an hour or so since I updated my profile and the app had blown up with messages.  I can’t remember exactly how many messages were in my inbox but if it was twelve, ten of them were the “Hey”.  Jesus Louise some people are slack. In the past I’ve replied to a “Hey” with “Hey is what horses eat.” but this time I just deleted them.

One reply did catch my attention though.  “G’day Dave, looking great in that little speedo. My partner Matt and I would love to meet you. We both prefer being top, think you could handle us? Check out our profile for more details about us and feel free to ask anything.”

I looked at their profile. Two barrel chested Aussie men, these guys were big, late thirties and while their photos didn’t show their faces (I completely understand the need for discretion) there was a photo of them arm in arm on a beach wearing AussieBum speedos.

These guys sounded like fun and just wanted I needed….

Men in Speedos

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I love sharing my experiences and I love looking after members.  If you are interested in what I got up to with those two Aussie men, click here to join now.  You can join using Credit Card of PayPal even.

Impressed with the Speedos

Since I arrived up here on the Sunshine Coast I have been impressed with thee number of guys speedo’ing it up.  Not just old dudes but all across the age spectrum.

For example, today I was on the roof of my building, working on my speedo tan and actual working and as I was about to leave I looking down at the beach and saw a group of guys kicking a soccer ball.  Of the 6 guys, 4 of them were wearing speedos.  My first thought was maybe they were European which explains the soccer and the speedos.  But then, right by them was another two guys throwing a rugby ball and one of them was wearing a speedo.

I just wish I had the courage to speedo it up and go join either of those groups.

Here is a pic I took of the speedo guys.

Aussie Speedo Guys

Ready for Insertion

How do you guys like to release your cock from your speedo?

I’m an ‘out the leg’ kind of guy.  Of course I have tried pulling it down at the front and tucking the waistband under my balls which can be fun too.

Keen to hear your thoughts…..

This guy is doing it the way I do… darn that looks suckable doesn’t it?

Speedo Cock

Here are some pics of my cock released from my speedos…. (members only).

Dave's Dick

Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next

Good morning from the Sunshine Coast…. and it is living up to its name!!!

This is my new home (for a little while at least) and it is spectacular.  This morning I woke up a little before sunrise and thought I’d go for a walk, drink some coffee and this was my view walking down to the beach.  Looks like there is a group that swims here most mornings which looks like something I’ll enjoy.

Yesterday, I enjoyed the company of two real men which I’ll share more details later tonight.  Gotta go see the real estate agent and find a home.

Morning Swim

Speedo Sniffing

Today I wanted to give you guys a new speedo movie to watch but I’ve been sorting out getting permission to cross the state border in to Queensland.  This Covid stuff is even effecting speedo porn!

Right now face masks are compulsory in Victoria (that is where Melbourne is for my international followers) and it is a $200 fine if you aren’t wearing one (except if you are jogging, which is another example of stupid rules).

I love the mask this guy is wearing, it matches his Budgy Smugglers…. I wonder if he bought the mask or if he made it from an old pair of speedos? Maybe a benefit of the Covid is you can walk around in public sniffing the front of a speedo?

Speedo Mask

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