Great Aussie BBQ

Yesterday I hosted a BBQ and it went off great.  I’m trying to date this preschool teacher that I met a couple of weeks ago.  I’m writing about it more on the bisexual blog ( and I invited her and the rest of the gang around for a Sunday barbie.

No, we did not have shrimp on the barbie.

It turned into a bit of a session and it was stinking hot so there was lots of flesh and I’m pretty sure everyone got in the water at some point.  I’m pretty sure most of the guys were wearing speedos under their boardies but there was no speedo’ing it up unfortunately.  Alex and his girlfriend were there and Alex was walking around shirtless most of the day and I could tell that he was wearing a pair of black classic AussieBum’s – which I’ve peeled off him on numerous occasions.

All the girls were in bikinis and the preschool teacher looked pretty hot in her black bikini.

Anyways, I’m going to go for a quick swim to wake up.  The beach yesterday was packed and right now I can count on my fingers the people I can see on the beach.

Real Men Wearing AussieBum SpeedosReal Men Wear SpeedosThree Guys Wearing Speedos

Friday afternoon blowjob

Alex came around for a blowjob on Monday and he is finishing out the week with a blowjob.  Just got a text from him saying he is coming over for a ‘surf’.

It is kind of funny that since my place is the closest of any of the boys (by boys I mean the group of str8 guys that I hang out with), everyone keeps their surfboards at my place.  I have 5 surfboards sitting in a little shed at the back of the house.  And I’m the worst surfer of any of these guys by far.

When Kip was here it means that we had to be super careful because people just rock up anytime but it is part of living on the beach which I love.

Anyway, so Alex is coming over and we are skipping going for a lap swim instead so he can knock of work a little earlier.

I asked him about how often his girlfriend sucks him off and he said it is never enough….. so I suppose it is a good thing he can just drop by and drop a load.

Speedo Blowjob

Aussie Athletes

Is it officially summer yet?

It is feeling like it on the beach although in a couple of weeks the school summer holidays will start here which is a bit of a pain but the weather is great.

There are a lot more groups in speedos on the beach here, the clubbies (surf life savers) are out and about training and stuff and there is a group of swimmers who are out most days, I should look at joining them and split up my pool swimming with some open ocean swimming.

Someone emailed me through this photo the other day, I know one of the guys is a rugby league player but I’m not sure if it is the NSW squad or a club team?  Any ideas?

There are often photos here on the news of our footballs teams in the pool on Monday doing a warm down all wearing speedos, or guys at the beach wearing speedos.  I wonder if you’d ever see an NFL team or even an overseas soccer team speedo’ing it up like that.

Has to be good for promoting guys wearing speedos when they see athletes wearing them.

Team Building in Speedos

Making Alex Cum

I can’t believe it had been 6 days since I last posted before yesterday.  Sorry about that guys – just been busy as usual but things seems to be running smoothly so nothing catastophic to take up my time.  Couple of things I have been working on:

  • As usual the Evil Speedo Corporation is trying to steal some domain names off me.
  • New movies on – check out the free downloads page because there are new free movies there.  I’m trying to keep that part of the site nice and fresh.
  • I have a new site that I’m working on with some different categories, like wrestling.
  • DE Swimwear is progressing and I’m just waiting on some sample products, I was hoping I’d have something ready by Xmas but looks like it might be just after.  I will be keeping you guys posted on this and getting some feedback from you guys as well.

I did update my Grindr profile a week ago but I haven’t had a chance to really get into it, I just turned Grindr on and realized I had like 8 messages (most of them just “Hi’ which I hate).

Two days ago though Alex came over and he came in his speedos.  It was the first shag I’ve had since Kip left and it was fun.  Alex was super horny so I sat him on the couch, wearing only a black lycra speedo brand speedo and took my time but never released his cock.  It didn’t take long since it had been a few days since he had unloaded and he creamed his black speedos.

Then I made him suck me off in his cum stained speedo which messed everything up.

After that we put on board shorts and went for a quick half hour surf.  Pretty hot sitting out the back with a guy I just made cum in his speedo.  I wish we were both only wearing speedos while surfing.

Jizzing in SpeedosSpeedo CumSpeedo Cumming

Steve Grand

I have no idea who Steve Grand is, I can honestly say I’ve never heard of it him BUT I have seen this photo of him before……

Steve Grand in Speedo

Someone posted a bunch of photos of him over on the and I looked him up.  Turns out he is a singer and is out and proud.

Here is a question for you guys, do you think a public gay figure embracing speedos is a good thing or a bad thing?  Does this make them more gay and worn less by everyone?

I’m not sure how I feel on this.

I do know that Steve Grand looks awesome in his speedos!!!!

Speedo Steve GrandSteve Grand Likes SpeedosGay Artist Steve GrandSteve Grand Yellow Speedo

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