Morning Masturbation

Yesterday morning I woke up with a boner (as usual).  The night before I had seen a photo of a chick in a one piece swimsuit doing a headstand (click here to see that photo on my blog), and I started grinding against the matress thinking about eating her out while she sucked me off.

I got a little bit carried away and ended up cumming in my speedos (I wear speedos to be most of the time).  Thankfully, I live on the beach so I just went for a swim to clean that up.

When I wrote the blog post I remembered seeing a photo in the archives of a guy in a tiny red speedo doing a headstand, I was mistaken, he is on his back with his legs up in bed.  This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about 69’ing him in that position.

Again, I came in my speedo.  I put the coffee on, picked a gap in the morning walkers and ran down the beach and went for a swim to clean the mess out of my speedo.  All cleaned up I walked back up, poured a coffee and now I’m writing about it for you guys.

How was the start to your day?

Red Speedos in Bed

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Gang Bang Fantasy

I want to finish writing about Kris and Tom in Las Vegas but I’m in the middle of editting up some amazingly hot speedo movies.  I’m going to finish these off and then I’ll get to the rest of that experience from one of the members.

In the mean time, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging so here is a fantasy story I wrote (most of my writing is based on my experiences, and when they are not, I tell you that I’m writing fantasy).

Ihad my first orgy last May (click here to read about my first orgy), there was six of us and I was the only bottom/vers guy there.  My arse took a pounding to say the least.  I did write about it on my blog which you can read.

Today I was working on my stories archive and I found something I had written two years (to the week) before my first orgy.  It was is a work of fantasy and involves twelve guys.  My first orgy was amazing but this fantasy of mine is something I would love to fulfill one day…. soon.

I always fantazied about being fucked by the group of guys wearing nothing but speedos, and that fantasy recently came true when I was invited to this party by a guy I met online. His name was Rob, he was a forty-five years old sales executive. From the photos on his online profile, Rob was hot. He was well built and stocky, tanned with shaved/waxed chest. Speaking to me on Skype, he sounded very confident and like a man in control. He said he had these speedo fuck parties at his house over summer and said I would fit in if I was interested.

Of course I was interested.

I rocked up at the house on Sydney’s northern beaches one hot summer afternoon. Rob answered the door, beer in hand, wearing nothing but a pair of very tight silver Arena brand speedos. His his semi erect cock was bulging in the tiny swimwear.

We shook hands, hugged and he invited me in. He introduced me to a group of about twelve guys, all wearing hot speedos and AussieBums. Most of the guys were around Rob’s age and build, solid and stocky. There were a couple late twenties guys, but I was the youngest attendee. I dropped my khaki shorts to reveal the black ADIDAS speedos I was wearing. Rob really liked them. He touched my bulge and cupped my lycra clad ass.

“I really like it mate, I think you are going to enjoy today, we are going to make sure you live out your fantasy!”

With that, my cock leaped to attention. After a few drinks and small talk, we all moved into the indoor patio area, where Rob had set up his fuck pad (he called it is ‘work bench’). It was a couple of mattresses with cushions, sex toys, lube and condoms arranged on them. Speedo porn (from my website) was playing on two flat screen TVs. Rob started playing with his bulge through his speedos while watching the action on the screen. He took a swig of his beer and winked at me. I nervously started to play with my cock through my speedos, as the other guys started to join in. After about ten minutes,  everyone was rock hard in their speedos. Rob came over to me and said the action was about to start.

“OK BITCH, ON YOUR KNEES.” Rob ordered me.

I got to my knees, as one by one of the guys started to circle me with their speedo bulges.


There were twelve horny guys standing over me, all of them older and outweighing me, even if I wanted to resist I would not have had a chance. Good thing I had no interest in resisting.

I started to lick and smell the lycra cocks in front of me. I took both hands and played with them while my mouth and tongue worked away. Pre-cum oozed from their speedos, which I licked up greedily.


I was in heaven. I was living out my fantasy. The guys were moaning and feeding me their speedo bulges, playing with each others, kissing one another, while I was on my knees, worshiping their bulges.

“Now, speedo slut, get ready to take their meat in your ass. But, before I do that, I need a gag to stop you squealing like the little bitch bottom pig that you are.”

With that Rob, brought out a pair of red speedos and dropped it into the circle. I went to pick it up, but he stopped me.

“Not yet my little bottom bitch, it needs some flavor.”

Rob gave an order to four of the guys who knelt around the red speedos on the mattress and began to furiously jerk their cocks until they were shooting hot spunk onto the pair of speedos. Rob pick them up, wiped cleaned all four cocks and made sure the four loads of cum had soaked into the red lycra. He shoved the cum stained speedos in my mouth. I gagged just once… the lycra, the spunk…

Rob then threw me down on the mattress, half ripped my black speedos off and my ass was exposed to the whole world. He lubed my hole, got a condom and lubed himself up, he entered me. The initial pain was muffled by the cum stained speedos in my mouth as he fucked me fast. The other eleven guys, just stood around, beating their cocks in their speedos waiting for their turn to fuck me.

One by one, each sweaty guy fucked my greedy hole, all the time while my mouth was stuffed full of speedos, eyes starting to water. I was in absolute heaven. Twelve hot guys in their speedos fucking me and playing with their bulges. There was sweat dripping from their chests and their cocks were wet with lube. All I could focus on, as I was getting fucked really hard was the guys hot bulging speedos. Eventually after 30 minutes of serious fucking, Rob instructed them to blow their loads all over my face and chest. It was unbelievably hot. As the last guy blew his load, I shot mine, the most intense and powerful ever. My ass was totally used and my face covered in hot spunk.

All the guys left, and Rob took the red speedos out of my mouth, cleaned my face and chest with the speedos and gently kissed me on the lips. I said “Thank you” It was better than my fantasy.

I left and took the pair of red cum stained speedos as a souvenir.

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Gay Friends Boyfriend

Over the weekend a member of my site emailed me wanting to share his first ever gay experience.  It involved speedos, it was at the same hotel I had a pretty amazing experience with a male/female couple (who were also members) back in July last year and the guy was over the moon about his experience and wanted to thank me.

I don’t think I needed any thanks but he has always had a thing for speedos and guys in speedos although he considers himself 90% straight.  He though that his speedo fetish was weird and had never expressed or indulged his fantasies…. until last weekend.

We ended up Skyping for a couple of hours and we both jerked off as he recounted his experience (I do that for members).  I asked if I could share his story and he said that he would love to.

He doesn’t have the time to write it, so I am ‘ghost’ writing it for him and he is editing it.

Here is a bit of the background…. this will only be available in its entirety to members.  So, if you have been thinking about joining, this could be a good time.  Click here to join, or email me if you have any questions/concerns about joining.

Kris is a long time friend of mine, we’ve known each other for years. Over time I’ve heard people wondering if he is gay? He is 100% straight acting, he has never had a boyfriend (that he has introduced to any of his social friends), so nobody asked and he never said anything.  He was always hanging out with chicks and on a few occasions I ended up taking these girls home, I even dated one of them for nine months.  I don’t think anyone knew he was gay.

One night we are out partying and it ends up just the two of us left and we are at the Tilted Kilt (like Hooters, young waitresses dressed in skimpy outfits).

With a few drinks under our belt I just came out and asked Kris, are you gay?

He answered in the affirmative.

I told him that I’m curious but never done anything with guys.  We started talking about fetishes/preferences and I mentioned my speedo fetish which I thought was pretty strange at the time.  Kris said that he likes younger guys (we are both late 30’s).  That is when Kris told me that he has an eighteen year old boyfriend who just started college.

That conversation was two years ago.  Since then, Kris is the same, still 100% straight acting, nobody knows about his now twenty year old boyfriend Tom except me and some gay friends that the two of them have.

I had met and partied with Kris and Tom and had fun with them.  Tom is cute, was a gymnast at high school and it seems like he has a thing for older guys.  He definitely likes me and Kris and I tease him about it but nothing has ever happened.

Since that conversation, I hadn’t lost my gay virginity.

So now I’d like to share with you what happened last weekend.  It was Vegas and while I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, I thought I should share some of the details with you since it was your blog that helped inspire my actions/behavior.

I had a work conference in Vegas which was planned six months ago.  Conference stuff Thursday, dinner with some work people Thursday night but I thought I’d stay and party Friday maybe golf on Saturday and fly out on Sunday.  On Wednesday I was talking to Kris and he said that he was thinking of going out to Vegas for a long weekend with his boyfriend Tom.  Their plan was to get out there Saturday and fly back on Monday.  Of course we’d party it up on Saturday night.  I also said they could crash in my suite at Paris (the hotel), I’ll just make sure the booking is two queen beds.

I have to admit I was scheming a little bit.  Instead of making sure the hotel suite had two queen sized beds, I made sure it had a single king sized bed.  I also dug out a couple of pairs of speedos I have which are a couple of sizes too small for me but would fit both Kris and Tom perfectly.

With all that in place, I went to Vegas and had fun.  The work stuff was good, I did OK at the Texas Hold’em table before hitting some of my favorite bars (dueling piano’s at New York, New York).  I didn’t pick up any women so woke up on Saturday a little hungover and horny as hell.  I dragged my sorry arse down to the huge pool.

Unlike the famous Aussie Speedo Guy, I don’t have the courage to wear speedos at a pool in Vegas.  It was in this very pool that he met a couple (the guy also wearing speedos) and had a pretty wild Vegas time.  That story is something that really turns me on and I’ll never be able to hang out in the Paris pool again without imagining Aussie Speedo Guy was there.

There will be more tomorrow….

If you didn’t read about my last Vegas adventure here are the links.  Again, it is a members only thing.  Joining is only $5.  Click here to join now.

Vegas Threesome

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Stack of Blue Speedo Selfies

I receive a bunch of emails every day, some from members just chatting, introducing themselves or asking me questions (I reply to those first).

Sometimes there is some hate mail from religious people or anti-gay folks although it is only a fraction of what it was when I started this blog (I don’t bother to reply to these).

There is lots of general fan email which I’d love to reply to but I prefer to spend time replying to my members which I’m sure you can understand since it is them that helps keep this all running.

In all of these emails I do get people sending me their speedo selfies.  With permission, I keep these and today I noticed that I have over 100 speedo selfies from real guys who have read this blog or are members at my main site  I keep these as galleries for members… here is part of the collection of blue speedo selfies.

If you aren’t a member you should join and you can see all 101 speedo selfies (yes, some are of me).

Blue Speedo Selfies

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Who Sucks Cock Better?

This is a question that has come up in the company of my gay mates, but not something I’ve really discussed with chicks…. who gives better head?

One way to answer is to argue that guys have a cock so therefore understand what feels good….. I’m not sure you can argue against that but I have had some just as amazing blowjobs from chicks.

A blowjob that I often jerk off thinking about was me wearing a pair of red lycra speedos and an old fuck buddy was staying with me for a few days.  She was in the shower and when she came out I was sitting on the couch, wearing nothing but my red speedo with my hard on trying to escape the red lycra.  She didn’t need an invitation, she got on her knees and went to town on my cock.  It was amazing!!!

So, my theory (which is only my theory) is a good blowjob has more to do with enthusiasm than it does sex. Technique is important, but that can be taught.  Enthusiasm cannot be taught.  Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Girl Sucking CockGuy Sucking Cock

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