Speedos and Snow

My server admin Kip has been working for/with me for years and he lives in Breckenridge, Colorado.  A server admin makes all the technical stuff run, things that are way too technical for me to be able to do on my own.

I was introduced to Kip through my previous server admin and while loving speedos and being gay weren’t part of the job requirements, that is how things have turned out and Kip and I are work colleagues and speedo fuck buddies.  We really do fuck each others brains out when we are hanging out together.

One of our more memorable experiences was a trip to Lake Powell which Kip invited me to (click here to read about our threesome).

Being American Kip wasn’t very open to wearing speedos in public but I think I’ve been a pretty good influence on him and a few years ago he speedo’d it up on his own at a beach of on the US East Coast and had a very hot experience.  I just found it and you can read about that here.

Kip has made it over to Australia a couple of times and each year I try and make it over to his place in Colorado.

I love snowboarding, I love how we get a bunch of work done when we are under the same roof and of course the sex is pretty amazing.  Since I have been busy leading up to Xmas and now still catching up from being offline for a week, I finally sat down this morning and started planning my trip.

Looks like I’ll be heading over in late January and have some flights in mind, just going to check with Kip and hopefully book tomorrow.

One might think that speedos and snow don’t go well together but these guys seem to be handling it OK and Kip has a hottub which gets a fair bit of use.

Here is the public gallery…. yeah the members speedos + snow gallery is a bit more impressive.  You can join anytime.

Hotel Pool Hookup

A few weeks ago I was asked to head up to a friend of mines family farm to help out with some bush fire mitigation.  They were afraid of a fire spreading and taking out their property.

In the end, their property wasn’t effected by the fire but I enjoyed working out in the bush for a week and they are good friends.  I could tell you some fun stories about hanging out on the farm but that isn’t what I really want to share with you guys.  On the drive up to the farm, I spent a night at a cheap hotel and what happened in the hotel pool is something that I thought you might be interested in.

I left my place (about an hour and a half north of Sydney on the coast) a little later than I expected so instead of driving right though I thought I’d spend the night somewhere on the way up. I picked a hotel near the beach so I could get up for a morning swim before getting to the farm the next day. The hotel also had a pool/spa (spa is what we call a hottub). I got to to the hotel about 7pm, checked in and since I wasn’t hungry just thought I’d pull my laptop out, do some work, have a couple of drinks, fall asleep and get up early. That wasn’t quite what happened.

As you might be able to imagine, in my line of work I often get turned on by what I’m working on.  I was working on a promotional video and it was pretty hot.  So, there I am sitting in my hotel room, wearing my black Arena speedos and getting horny watching my own speedo porn.

So, I grabbed my phone and checked out one of those online hookup apps.

My profile photo does feature me wearing the little black speedo I was wearing at that time.

Hottub Selfies

After turning the app on, my phone started blowing up, beeping with interest from other horny guys on this Wednesday night at about 8pm.

I finished what I was doing work wise, poured another drink and looked at the app.  As usual nine of ten of the messages were guys with no photo, no information about themselves and their messages were “Hey”.  I totally don’t understand that at all but I’m not kidding when I say that nine of ten messages I receive are “Hey”.

Of course, I deleted the guys who didn’t make an effort and had one response that stood out.  The guy didn’t have a photo on his profile but he sent a nice message.  Lets call him Tony.  Tony, complimented me on my speedos, said he loves a guy in speedos.  Tony is thirty-nine years old, married (to a woman), likes playing with guys on the side.  He sent me through a photo of him at the beach, wearing dork shorts unfortunately, with his wife and he had blurred her face out which I thought was pretty cool (discretion is important to me).  When he sent the photo through he apologized for wearing dork shorts but said his wife doesn’t like him wear speedos in public.

What was interesting is the app said that Tony was 127 meters away.

Once we established that both of us were fair dinkum I told Tony what hotel I was staying at…. he was at the same hotel.

He told me that the pool was nice and being a Wednesday night is should be pretty quiet.  Would I like to meet him down there?

I told Tony I’d be there in two minutes…. but, no dork shorts.  Speedos only.  Which he agreed to.

At that moment Kip (the guy who keeps all my online stuff running) messaged me and I had to do some stuff for him so it wasn’t two minutes, it was more like twenty minutes before I poured another drink and left my hotel room for the hotel pool.  I did message Tony and told him I’d be down, just a little while longer.

Want to read more?  It will be available (for members in the next couple of days)….. not a member?  You should be…. you get to read all the juicy details…. you get to see my selfies (not just samples like here) and you can chat with me anytime you like.

Hottub Selfies


I wonder how horny I am compared to other people…..

I suppose without ever having lived with a lover (guy or girl) I don’t have much to compare it to.

Then, my horny level changes.  I’ll go a week and be just super horny all week… then I’ll go a week (usually when I’m flat out busy or have friends around) when I’m not horny at all.

Right now I’m in one of my horny cycles and woke up this morning with an incredible erection and thinking all sorts of naughty things.  Jerking off three times seems to have calmed me down a little bit but I’m still horny.

Love to hear your thoughts guys.  I wasn’t that long ago that Kip and I worked on the comments system here and it seems to be working pretty good.

AussieBum Portsea Erection

Year of the Speedo

Happy New Years everybody!!!

Anyone have any naughty/exciting stories from their night?

Me, nothing naughty or exciting to report unfortunately.  Ended up at a friends parents house and was fun and drank a bunch but walked home and got in to bed on my own.  Today was a nice sleep in and after a swim I’m sitting here in the backyard (overlooking the ocean) with my laptop on my lap and another adult beverage close at hand.

I’m not really one for New Years resolutions…. I went back and looked at my blog posts for New Years over the last few years and seems like I’ve never really been one for New Years Resolutions.

But, this year I think it is the Year of the Speedo!!!

I am going to try and have more confidence just to wear speedos more often (I wear them all the time) but I mean wear them more often in public and around friends.  For example, some of the boys are due here any minute and instead of putting some dork shorts over my AussieBum Portseas which I’m wearing, I’m not going to.  Could be the alcohol talking but lets see what happens.

Anyone else going to join me in trying to speedo it up more this year?

Drinking in SpeedosVB in SpeedosBeer in SpeedosBeers in SpeedosSpeedo Cocktails

And here are some of my selfies of me enjoying a drink (while wearing speedos of course).

Can’t see my speedo selfies?  Sorry guys, for members only.
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New Speedo Faces

To be honest, I hate this time of year.

I know it makes me sounds like a Grinch but summer holidays are just chaos here in Australia.  I just got back from going to the grocery store and AGGHHHHHHH……. I was lucky just to find a park let alone the chaos I found inside the mall.

Then there are the beaches which are full of people all the time.  It shouldn’t matter because I have speedo confidence, but I don’t really want to be sitting out in a tiny speedo reading a book with a family group of 30 people less than 10 meters away from me.

My friends are pretty much all off work until after New Years so having a sneaky hookup back to the house is pretty much impossible because people are dropping in all the time.  Some of the guys store their surf boards at my house (since it is on the beach) so they are dropping in at all hours of the day which often ends up with a beer or two or even an impromptu BBQ.  I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining about this because it is a great crew…. but it is hindering my sex life.

The pool is chaotic as well.  Usually I like to swim mid morning.  The morning worker people who are training for triathlons and stuff are finished and gone to work and it is good for my speedo tan lines.  But the pool is full of people in the middle of the day so I’ve had to start going early, if I go at all.

On the good side, there are new faces about and I have actually seen more speedos (and short/tight swimming trunks) than before which is fantastic to see.  There are new faces at the pool which I don’t usually see and of course, there is lots of speedo eye candy at the pool.

Since it is so busy, I usually just wear nylon AussieBum speedos, they dry pretty quick and after swimming I’ll dry off and put shorts on over my speedos.   Yesterday though I had to go see some friends so went up to the showers and rinse off and got changed (into another pair of speedos – I wear speedos pretty much all of the time whether as swimwear or underwear).  When I walked in there was a cute early 20’s guy getting changed for his swim.  We both grunted a “G’day” to each other.  I threw my towel down and walked in to the showers just in my AussieBum Portseas for a quick rinse off.  When I came back, the guy was still there and I noticed him wearing a pair of maroon AussieBums.

These are the maroon AussieBum’s he was wearing.

AussieBum Classic Maroon

These are my AussieBum Portseas.

AussieBum Portseas

I’ve had some naughty experiences in the locker room of pools…. I recently had some fun with Taz at the pool I used growing up in Queensland (click here to read about that).  Something about this guy ‘loitering’ around gave me the idea that he had some ‘naughty fun’ in mind.

Unfortunately, I was running late so got changed and headed out of there before anything else happened.

Do you guys think he was waiting for me to make a move?  Think I should go back tomorrow at the same time?  Think he might be reading this blog and reach out?  Wouldn’t be the first time.

Speedo Boy in the Shower

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