Pool Party Invite

One of my blog readers has invited me to a pool party this weekend a little bit north of where I live.

The guy seemed nice and there are going to be a bunch of gay guys there.  When I asked him if it was OK to wear speedos he said he expected nothing less.  I’ll have to drive home so I’ll be somewhat behaved but it should be interesting.

Alex said he’d love to go but being completely in the closet he thought that if he knew anyone at the pool party from work of socially that might not go down so well with his girlfriend.  I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.

Pool Photos of a cute guy wearing speedosPool SpeedosChilling out in speedos in the poolPool Speedo Bum

FMF Lycra Threesome

I’m sure you guys have seen some pics from this hot FMF swimsuit/speedo threesome movie.  I think it is one of the hottest movies I’ve seen online.  The girls are hot and the guy is hung like a horse!!!

What I really love about this movie is that all three of them keep their speedos/swimsuit on for the entire movie.

That is one lucky guys.

Today I’ve been making up some promo stuff for the site BisexualMoviesPage.com and I’ve made up three 5 minute sample clips from this movie.

Click here or go to www.BisexualMoviesPage.com/speedothreesome.html to check it out.

Speedo ThreesomeFMF Lycra ThreesomeSwimsuit Threesome

Very VPL

Holy moly guys, I saw this pic and I knew you guys would love it!!!!

VPL - Visible Penis Line

Interesting Tan Lines

In the middle of adding 3 new masculine/muscle guy movies.  One of them is crazy hot!!!  Once I finish them I’ll post some screen shots here for you guys.

Otherwise just a quiet Saturday for me, I stayed in last night and I was going on a date with the Preschool Teacher chick but she cancelled yesterday, we have rescheduled.

Ow yeah, I had this pic that I wanted to show you guys, don’t you think this guys tan lines are interesting?  I can see it happening with guys who wear more Brazilian style speedos and then go to the pool and wear a more traditional cut.  My speedo tan is looking the best it has ever looked and Alex’s is looking good too, he’s told me that he has never had a speedo tan before.  Neither of us have been lying on the beach in our speedos just from swimming in the middle of the day.

Red Speedo Tan

Alex’s Red Speedos

Alex and I didn’t see Mr. Red Speedos yesterday but it was great to see Alex in his red speedo brand speedos.

He looked awesome in them!!!

Since we are both a bit hot and horny as a result of Mr. Red Speedo I think Alex will be dropping around after work today….. red speedos will be hurt/damaged during this process.

Red Speedo SelfieRed Speedo Bum

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