Non Speedo Weekend

The weekend weather forecast isn’t looking that good which is OK since I have a bunch of work to catch up on.

It is funny that my weekends are generally a quieter time for me sexually/speedo’ly.  During the week all my mates are working and I’m at the pool where I could get a random blowjob from the Married Guy (like I did on Thursday).  But on the weekends my mates are constantly dropping by or hanging out watching sport or playing back yard cricket (I don’t have to mentioned drinking because both of those activities involve drinking).  I love it, and I also love it on Sunday evening when things get quiet and I wonder to myself…. “What sort of naughty speedo fun can I get up to this week?”

It is only Saturday morning and I’m writing this quick blog post before I go for a surf with the boys (half of whom store their surfboards at my house which is why they drop by all the time).  With little to zero change of any speedo fun until next week, I will enjoy the quiet time.

I see that the past blog members have been enjoying their free membership to in celebration of my 3,000th post.  The server bandwidth has gone through the roof as those guys are all watching a fair amount of speedo porn.  Don’t pull too hard guys!!!

Here are the Speedo Photos of the Day from last week.  I hand pick these photos, perhaps my hand is involved in other ways and hopefully your hand is too.

Speedo Photo of the DaySpeedo PhotoWaterpolo Players in SpeedosSpeedo SexSpeedo Ass

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I’m sooooo nice

If you are one of the nice people who showed your support and joined my blog since I created the members area, you will be receiving in your inbox a user account for my main site

You should receive your email within the next few hours.

The membership stuff for the blog has been really up and down which has frustrated Kip and myself.  The main site stuff is something we’ve worked on for years so it is smooth and seamless but incorporating a members area in a blog like this hasn’t been as seamless.

So this little gift, as part of celebrating 3,000 blog posts, is a little sign of thank you to those members who at times put up with things not going as smoothly as I would like.

I suppose if anyone decided to join in the next day or two I’d give them a free membership as well just because I’m a softy…. or a hardy when it comes to my speedo fans.

Speaking of which, I found some more photos of the speedos I went surfing in.  The are an AussieBum Gloss which I don’t think is made anymore.

And here are the ones I wore……. getting cummed on.

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Anal in the Shower

This Speedo Movie of the Week is pretty hot, I hope you guys are seated with something to clean up a bit of a mess if you intend on watching this……

These guys have been hanging around the pool all day and as I can speak from experience, hanging out in speedos gets your horny. These guys take it into the shower and the speedos come off pretty quick.  Being a gentleman, one guy performs analingus (rimjob) before he starts pounding that pretty man vagina.

As so often happens their speedos don’t stay on for too long but it is really hot.  Gallery and sample clip for everyone…. full length movie for members.

As a guest here is a three minute sample of this movie for you…. if you were a member you could watch the whole thing!!!  It is only $5 to join – why not?  Click here to join right now.

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3,000th Blog Post

This is my 3,000th blog post!!!

What an amazing ride.

It all started at the end of a snowboarding season in Canada.  At an end of season party my roommates (male/female couple) invited me to join them in the hotel steam room.  I thought it might have been just about the girl but it ended up being very bisexual.

I was wearing a pair of Aussiebum Portseas which I’ve had a soft/hard spot for ever since that first threesome.

I had a few days travelling after that and being so hot I sat down and wrote about it.  I published it on my site but wanted to share it with the world.  At the time I had a graphic designer working with me and she had her own personal blog which I followed.  The designer helped me setup this blog.

Some stats from the blog:

  • 3,000 blog posts
  • 5,265 readers yesterday (pretty much average right now)
  • 1,516 people have become members

I have tried to count how many readers/members I’ve caught up in person with (one was last week when I went surfing) but I can’t keep track of all of them.

Overall it has been a pretty amazing experience running this and I look forward to all the adventures in the next 3,000 blog posts.  Thank you guys for giving me feedback, both positive and negative, which has kept this blog on track.

It was just over a year ago that I started the membership area of the blog and while it hasn’t run completely seemless I think it has worked pretty well and I’ve enjoyed being able to write and share more personal things in there which I don’t like posting 100% publicly.

If you are one of the 1,516 people who have joined the blog in its one year of offering membership, keep an eye on your email account this weekend because I have a present for you (you can join in the next 48 hours and you will get the present as well).

Thanks guys and speedo on!!!

Bears or Twinks

Earlier in the week I posted pics of some real men wearing speedos…. I’m not one dimensional do here is a cute twink in speedos.

I actually posted these pics back in 2010 and just yesterday someone commented on the post.  I love your comments and there has been a total of 8,641 comments made during the life of this blog.  I can say that I have read every single comment.

Enjoy this guy and his black speedos…. I have jerked off to these photos many times.

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