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Locker Room Fun

I have had some fun times in the locker room/change rooms at different pools over the years. You can read about those times if you like: Caught with my cock in my hand Being ‘interrupted’ by Kieran I also have

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Tied up and interrupted

Did you guys enjoy reading about me being tied up for Alex in the previous post?  I enjoyed it when it happened and I enjoyed writing it for you guys. I really get turned on recollecting my experiences and getting

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I’m tied up

Today I am going to be tied up in my speedos. After playing with Alex last Sunday and having him tied up, I have been fantasizing all week about being tied up myself.  Alex has been out of town with

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Discretion Required

I was thinking today….. I wonder what my neighbour girls are going to think when Kip moves in? I wonder what my str8 mates are going to think about it as well. When I lived at his place in Breckenridge,

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Caught Naked

Earlier this afternoon I was absolutely exhausted and I thought I’d take an afternoon nap.  I had been for a swim about lunch time, came home, had a shower and lied down with the intention of reading for a little

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