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Hottub Ornament

It is Sunday morning here in Aussieland and I’m up early and about to drive down to Sydney to spend the day being a ‘hottub ornament’. The weather is supposed to be OK this morning before turning to custard later

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Underwater Selfies

While in Colorado Kip and I made up some snowboarding footage.  None of it came out as well as you expect and that “HUGE AIR” ends up not being very huge at all. There were a couple of good powder

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Hottub Blowjob Movie

This is a little bit of an automatic blog post since I am in transit back to Aussie. Some of those highlights of my Colorado trip involved hottubs and blowjobs (and speedos).  So I thought it was appropriate to share

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First Gay Experience

I’m not going to talk about the rugby today except say congrats to my Kiwi mates on their victory. The other day I was talking to a new blog member and he told me that his first gay experience came

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New Hottub Movie

The latest movie addition to my site SwimmerBoyz.com has blown my mind and my load.  It is a movie from AYOR Studios called Tales. There are 7 scenes totalling 1hr and 45 minutes of some very very hardcore action.  There

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