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What is it about speedos?

Speedos have been a big part of my sex life. Growing up I would get an erection when I put a pair of speedos on and felt the lycra against my cock.  My first gay sexual experiences involved speedos as

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No Speedo Surf

I’m up early and thought I’d check in with you guys before the boys arrive for our Sunday morning surf. It just feels cold out there!!! I’d love it if my saying “Today I have to surf in a wetsuit

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Alex Ropped into a Threesome

For those of you who follow my blog will know all about Alex, but for those of those of you who don’t, let me give you a quick run down of how we became fuck buddies. I live in this

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Guess what he wears at the beach….

In my experience, speedo have many benefits: I’ve made a business out it – that is pretty cool. I’ve had a lot of sex from wearing speedos – the easiest example I can give is the Married Guy.  He noticed

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Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim

Have any of you guys heard of the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim? I had never heard of it until one of my members emailed me asking if I had been in the event.  It look amazing!!! From what I’ve

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