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Very Cummy Handjob

I have been pretty horny the last few days because I haven’t been getting any with the Married Guy and Alex and his boyfriend being unavailable due to the Xmas/New Years holidays.  Yesterday I jumped on Grindr and found someone

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Wintery Day – Still Speedo Friendly

It is a cold wintery kind of day here on the eastern Australia coast, not much happening but I have the fireplace on (it gets used maybe 4 times a year and is completely not necessary), but I cranked it

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Sunday Afternoon Speedo Fuck Session

It is feeling rather wintery here in Breckenridge this Monday morning. Yesterday afternoon however, it was pretty hot and steamy. Josh (the 24yo who wanted to help me punish Kip) was just as gorgeous as his photos and he looked

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Kip’s Punishment is 24yo Josh

Just a super quick post before I walk out the door for some snowboarding turns here in Breck. This afternoon 24yo Josh is coming over to help punish Kip for not speedo’ing it up last weekend in Glenwood Springs. I’ve

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Afternoon Jerk Off Session

I feel like I should share with you guys what I got up to yesterday afternoon….. It was around lunch time, I was just working away and I received an email from a long time member of SpeedoFetish.com, who was

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