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Vegas Threesome with Penny and Pat

As promised, here is a very detailed description of what I got up to in Vegas a few weeks ago.  Most of this was written by Penny and I have personally cum 3 times reading this and I was there!!!

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Pool Encounter

Today was gorgeous and I headed to the pool around 11am. That time of day it is nice and quiet, I had a lane to myself and wore my favourite AussieBum speedos, the Portsea’s. This first photo is a 2nd

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I’m rich, and I’d like to lick your pussy

Last Friday night I had my first big night out in a while. Any of you old readers know that I have some friends in San Francisco, I was staying with them before I did my road trip to Breckenridge to

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A cock in each end

Continuing on from yesterdays post guys (scroll down to read the first part of this experience). So the husband and I are sitting on the couch both wearing black speedos.  I’m hard as a rock from making out with the

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Swinging Couple

Today it is raining.  The forecast is for it to ‘maybe’ snow later in the day but as you can imagine…. not ideal snowboarding conditions. I’ve decided to have a quiet day, tell you guys about my threesome last Friday,

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