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What is it about speedos?

Speedos have been a big part of my sex life. Growing up I would get an erection when I put a pair of speedos on and felt the lycra against my cock.  My first gay sexual experiences involved speedos as

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Mesh Speedo

Have you guys ever owned a mesh swimsuit? I haven’t but I wonder how it would effect my speedo tan?

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Alex Ropped into a Threesome

For those of you who follow my blog will know all about Alex, but for those of those of you who don’t, let me give you a quick run down of how we became fuck buddies. I live in this

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Porn stars in speedos

Could you imagine hanging out with half a dozen gay porn stars in speedos?  My brain melts (and my cock stiffens) at the thought of it. The picture below is just that scenario.  The guy I know the most about

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Swimwear or Underwear?

Is this guy wearing speedos or underwear?  Just before I typed that, I noticed that it says ‘Swimwear’ on the waistband but they do look a little in between. A pet hate of mine is seeing any guy going swimming

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