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Masters Swim Training

The Married Guy is thinking of going to a swimming Masters training this coming week. I’ve never been to one and they are early in the morning – I like to swim during the day when the pool is quieter

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Speedo Pussy

I like the title of this blog post…. it could be interpreted or mean soooooo many different things. I’ve got a feeling that Kip is going to pussy out of wearing speedos only at some of the hot springs.  While

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Sunday Speedo Party

OK guys, long weekend here in the US, Presidents Day and you wouldn’t believe it but today on the chairlift I was asked 3 times, not once, not twice but three times if we celebrate Presidents Day in Australia. By

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Writing Speedo Porn

As expected, the other day when I went for a swim, I was the only person I saw wearing speedos. There weren’t many people lap swimming but I’m pretty sure my AussieBum Portsea’s got a few looks.  I enjoyed half

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Buy my speedos

Someone brought this up the other day I thought I’d give this a try…. I’m going to sell my speedos on eBay. I have no idea if any of you guys will actually be interested but I’ll give it a

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