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The Speedo Forum

Years ago I started the Speed Forum ( and it has become a fun place to hang out and talk with other guys who share my speedo fetish. Over time there have been some dick head members but it is

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Speedo Photo of the Day

I am up early on a Saturday morning, what is wrong with me? Forecast says it is going to be a grey wintery kind of day here on the Central New South Wales coast and I have nothing planned except

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I can’t remember when I started the it was so long ago. At the time there was a forum called “Real Men Wear Speedos” which I loved but it wasn’t well moderated and when I offered to help out

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Speedo Photo of the Day

The ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ was something I added to my site a few years ago when I did a major redesign and I love it. The initial page ended up with 1,200 photos, each of them hand

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Speedo Forum Record

It is a bit of a grey old day here to start the week and it is OK since I have a bit of end of the month paperwork to do.  I often do this on the beach somewhere but

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