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Speedo Frustration

Yes I am frustrated because darn winter isn’t very accommodating to my speedo fetish – hahaha. What a crazy week.  Kip sold his house in Breckenridge which I got to be a part of, a good friend of mine here

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Speedo Shrinkage

This morning I was up super early (5:30am), it was dark and cold. I was supposed to meet the Married Guy at the pool for a masters swim training session. I didn’t make it, the pool is heated but being

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Masters Swim Training

The Married Guy is thinking of going to a swimming Masters training this coming week. I’ve never been to one and they are early in the morning – I like to swim during the day when the pool is quieter

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Sydney Speedo Day

Yesterday turned out to be a sensational day, when I left the condo it was cold and I was regretting my decision to speedo it up but once I got in the water it wasn’t too bad.  The Charlton pool

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Off for a quickie

Just a quick blog post as I’m walking out the door for a swim. The Married Guy touched base this morning saying his was going for a swim and a friend of his is going to join us.  That is

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